EUTM file information



May 23, 2000

Trademark Summary

The trademark application FOKO was filed by FOKO LIMITED, a corporation established under the laws of Ireland (the "Applicant"). Application withdrawn.

The application was filed in English (Spanish was selected as the second language).

Appointment and Replacement of representative of the trademark registration was recorded on March 6, 2006.

Goods And Services

  • The mark was filed in class 20 with following description of goods:
    1. Furniture and parts thereof
    2. Office furniture
    3. Partitions of wood for furniture
    4. School furniture
    5. Furniture and bed casters, not of metal
    6. Furniture and bed fittings, not of metal
    7. Furniture of metal
    8. Furniture partitions of wood
    9. Furniture shelves
    10. Chests, not of metal
    11. Chests and drawers
    12. Furniture desks
    13. Tables, chairs, settees
    14. Seats
    15. Stools
    16. Umbrella stands
    17. Book cases
    18. Cabinets
    19. Coat hangers
    20. Clothes hooks (not of metal)
    21. Coathooks (not of metal)
    22. Coatstands
    23. Deckchairs
    24. Desks
    25. Dinner wagons
    26. Towel dispensers, not of metal
    27. Divans
    28. Door fittings not of metal
    29. Doors for furniture
    30. Dressing tables
    31. Easy chairs
    32. Edgings of plastic for furniture
    33. Figurines (statuettes and statues) of wood, wax, plaster or plastic
    34. Domestic fire screens
    35. Fireguards
    36. Flower-pot pedestals, flower-stands
    37. Footstools
    38. Picture frames
    39. Silvered glass
    40. Hat stands
    41. Headrests
    42. Letter boxes not of metal or masonry
    43. Library shelves
    44. Magazine racks
    45. Straw mattresses
    46. Spring mattresses
    47. Medicine cabinets
    48. Mouldings for picture frames
    49. Flower pot pedestals
    50. Decorative wall plaques (not of textile)
    51. Plate racks
    52. Play pens for babies
    53. Furniture racks
    54. Furniture screens
    55. Sofas
    56. Tea carts
    57. Tea trolleys
    58. Trestles
    59. Trolleys
    60. Wicker work
    61. Working desks
    62. Cupboards
    63. Mirrors
    64. Picture frames
    65. Cushions
    66. Pillows
    67. Bedding (except linen)
    68. Mattresses
    69. Bed
    70. Box mattresses
    71. Bed steads (wood)
    72. Furniture benches
    73. Bins of wood or plastic
    74. Bins (not of metal)
    75. Display boards
    76. Boxes of wood or plastic
    77. Picture frame brackets
    78. Busts of wood, wax, plaster or plastic
    79. Cases of wood or plastic
    80. Headboards
    81. Ornaments and works of art made of wood, wax, plaster or of plastics material
    82. Wooden articles for decorative purposes
    83. Carved wooden articles
    84. Plate racks
    85. Trays
    86. Bean bags
    87. Pouffes
    88. Basketwear
    89. Works of art baskets (not of metal)
    90. Linen baskets
    91. Goods (not included in other classes) of wood, cord, reed, cane, wicker, horn, bone, ivory, whalebone, shell, amber, mother-of-pearl, meerschaum and substitutes for all the aforesaid goods
    92. Containers made wholly or principally of plastics materials
    93. Air cushions, mattresses and pillows (not for medical purposes).
  • The mark was filed in class 42 with following description of goods:
    1. Design services and decoration (design) services
    2. Technical advisory services on home improvements, homecare and home maintenance
    3. Design of interior decor and of furnishings
    4. Interior design consultancy services
    5. Provision of food and drink
    6. Catering services
    7. Bar, cafeteria, restaurant, coffee bar and snack bar services
    8. Provision of creche facilities
    9. Provision of changing room and toilet facilities for customers
    10. Provision of rest room and baby changing facilities for customers
    11. Management of wedding and other gift lists.