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July 26, 2011

Trademark Summary

The trademark JUKE was filed by Media-Saturn-Holding GmbH, a corporation established under the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany (the "Applicant"). The application was published for oppositions on April 4, 2012, and received one opposition filed on June 28, 2012 by Just Music Fernsehbetriebs GmbH on Likelihood of confusion. the opponent was represented by Kaus, Tanja and proceedings were handled in German, and the oppositon was dismissed by the Euorpean Union Intellectual Property Office with decision issued June 28, 2012

The application was filed in German, and German was also language of all opposition proceedings (English was selected as the second language).

The renewal of the trademark was recorded by the office on July 29, 2021.

Change of name and professional address of the trademark registration was recorded on August 8, 2014.

Goods And Services

  • The mark was filed in class 9 with following description of goods:
    1. Storage batteries
    2. Alarms
    3. Answering machines
    4. Aerials, Including indoor aerials
    5. Aerial cables
    6. Audio cables
    7. Receivers (audio- and video-)
    8. Baby intercoms
    9. Battery
    10. BD player
    11. BD recorders
    12. Recorded and Blank BDs, Compact Discs and DVDs
    13. Flashlights for use in photography
    14. Photographic flash lamps
    15. Adapters for establishing radio contact between two electronic devices
    16. Compact disc players
    17. CD-recorders
    18. Personal computers
    19. Frames for transparencies
    20. Digital picture frames
    21. Dictating machines
    22. Dimmers
    23. Printers, Including photo printers, Inkjet printers and Laser beam printers
    24. DVB-C receivers
    25. DVB-T receivers
    26. DVD players
    27. DVD recorders
    28. DV cassettes
    29. Single and multiple sockets
    30. Input devices, Including gamepads, Joysticks, Steering wheels, Mice and Keyboards
    31. Electric connection cables, connector cables and extension cables
    32. Electronic databases and data banks
    33. Electronic translators
    34. Power amplifiers
    35. Equalizers
    36. Remote controls
    37. Binoculars
    38. Television apparatus
    39. Viewing cards
    40. Hard disks
    41. Hard disk recorders
    42. Filters [photography]
    43. Cameras [photography], Including digital cameras and disposable cameras
    44. Radiotelephony sets
    45. Stored and Downloadable computer programmes and Computer software for personal computers and Video game consoles
    46. Recorded and downloadable electronic books, audio books and music and video files
    47. Graphics cards
    48. Head sets, Including headsets for mobile telephones
    49. Home cinema systems
    50. Hi-fi receivers
    51. Card readers
    52. Headphones
    53. Chargers for accumulators and for batteries
    54. Laptop computers
    55. Loudspeakers, including car loudspeakers, bass tubes, computer loudspeakers, hi-fi loudspeakers, loudspeakers for MP3 players and MP4 players, subwoofers and surround sound loudspeakers
    56. Projection screens for beamers
    57. Electronic book readers
    58. Electronic hair curlers
    59. Microphones
    60. Portable telephones
    61. Modems
    62. Monitor screens
    63. Mp3-player
    64. MP4-players
    65. Apparatus for navigation
    66. Netbooks
    67. Power suppliers
    68. Network cable
    69. Notebook computers
    70. Face covers and Protective covers for mobile phones
    71. Lenses
    72. Positioning apparatus
    73. Projection apparatus, In particular back-projection televisions and Beamers
    74. Radios, including car radios, Internet radios and clock radios
    75. Satellite receiver installations
    76. Satellite receivers, In particular DVB-S receivers and analogue satellite receivers
    77. Scanners, Including photo scanners
    78. Phonograph records
    79. Switch boxes
    80. Electric apparatus for sealing plastics (packaging)
    81. Sound cards
    82. Memory boards
    83. Memory modules
    84. Tripods
    85. Plugs, sockets and other contacts [electric connections]
    86. Bushings, plugs
    87. Stereo systems
    88. Tablet PCs
    89. Pocket calculators
    90. Telephone installations
    91. Telephone sets
    92. Facsimile and telecopier machines
    93. Desk calculators
    94. Voltage surge protectors
    95. UMTS cards and UMTS sticks
    96. USB HUBs
    97. USB cables
    98. USB flash drives
    99. And amplifiers
    100. Video cassettes
    101. Video cables
    102. Camcorders
    103. Video recorders
    104. Video editing cards
    105. Video game consoles adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor
    106. Scales, including kitchen scales and bathroom scales
    107. Webcams
    108. Weather stations
    109. Rechargeable batteries
    110. Parts (included in class 9) and accessories (included in class 9) for the aforesaid goods.
  • The mark was filed in class 15 with Electroacoustic musical instruments.
  • The mark was filed in class 35 with following description of goods:
    1. Advertising
    2. Handling the exchange of goods
    3. Cost price analysis
    4. Consultancy in field of cost reduction, in particular mobile telephone tariff consultancy
    5. Procurement services (acquisition of goods and services for other companies)
    6. Auctioneering
    7. Television advertising
    8. Wholesaling, intermediary trading and retailing in relation to films (not exposed), photographic paper, ink and ink cartridges, in particular for printers and photocopiers, toner and toner cartridges, in particular for printers and photocopiers, wall mounts for television sets, ironing machines, cleaning appliances utilising steam, cans openers (electric), meat grinders, dishwashers, beverage preparation machines, yoghurt makers, coffee grinders (other than hand-operated), food processors (electric), knives (electric), blenders (electric) for household purposes, including hand mixers, stick blenders and stand mixers, wine presses, grinding apparatus for knives, vacuum cleaners, bags for vacuum cleaners, spin driers, washing machines, electric grinders/crushers, for household purposes, multi-purpose cutters, beard trimmers, cans openers (non-electric), juicers, depilation appliances, hair straighteners (non-electric), hair clippers, cheese graters, hair curlers (non-electric), knives (non-electric), razors, razor blades, accumulators, alarm devices, telephone answering apparatus, aerials, including indoor aerials, aerial cables, audio cables, audio/video receivers, baby monitors, batteries, Blu-ray players, Blu-ray recorders, recorded and blank Blu-ray discs, CDs and DVDs, flashlights for use in photography, photographic flash lamps, adapters for establishing radio contact between electronic apparatus, CD players, CD recorders, personal computers, slide frames, digital picture frames, dictating machines, light dimmers, printers, including photo printers, inkjet printers and laser printers, DVB-C receivers, DVB-T receivers, DVD players, DVD recorders, DV cassettes, single and multiple sockets, input devices, including gamepads, joysticks, steering wheels, mice and keyboards, electric connector and extension cables, electronic databases, electronic translators, power amplifiers, equalisers, remote controls, binoculars, television sets, television cards, hard disks, hard disk recorders, filters (photography), cameras (photography), including digital cameras and disposable cameras, curling tongs (electric), radiotelephony sets, recorded and downloadable computer programs and computer software for personal computers and video game consoles, recorded and downloadable electronic books, audio books and music and video files, graphics cards, hair straighteners (electric), headsets, including headsets for mobile telephones, home cinema systems, hi-fi receivers, card readers, headphones, chargers for accumulators and for batteries, laptop computers, loudspeakers, including car loudspeakers, bass tubes, computer loudspeakers, hi-fi loudspeakers, loudspeakers for MP3 players and MP4 players, subwoofers and surround sound loudspeakers, projection screens for beamers, readers for electronic books, hair curlers (electric), microphones, mobile telephones, modems, monitors, MP3 players, MP4 players, musical instruments, navigation apparatus, netbooks, power supply units, network cables, notebook computers, fascias and protective covers for mobile telephones, lenses, positioning apparatus, projection apparatus, in particular back projection televisions and beamers, radios, including car radios, Internet radios and clock radios, satellite receiver installations, satellite receivers, in particular DVB-S receivers and analogue satellite receivers, scanners, including photo scanners, recording discs, switch boxes, electrical apparatus for sealing plastics (packaging), sound cards, memory cards, memory modules, stands, sockets, plugs and bushings, stereo systems, tablet PCs, pocket calculators, telephone systems, telephone apparatus, facsimile machines, desktop calculators, voltage surge protectors, UMTS cards and UMTS sticks, USB hubs, USB cables, USB sticks, amplifiers, video cassettes, video cables, video cameras, video recorders, video editing cards, video game consoles adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor, scales, including kitchen scales and bathroom scales, webcams, weather stations, rechargeable batteries, sphygmotensiometers, heart rate monitors, massage apparatus, thermometers for medical purposes, sinks, extractor hoods for kitchens, ovens, lighting apparatus, in particular lights and lamps, tanning apparatus (sun beds), bread baking machines, crêpe makers, steam cookers, disinfectant apparatus, dessicating apparatus, egg cookers, preserving apparatus, single and double cooking rings, electric heaters for feedings bottles, bed warmers, ice machines, fondue sets, deep fryers, foot warmers, cooking apparatus, freezers, roasting apparatus, including table, standing and barbecue grills, hair dryers, electric blankets and heating cushions (pads), not for medical purposes, fan heaters, radiant heaters, stoves, including electric, gas, coal and oil stoves, coffee machines, air conditioning apparatus, cooking hobs, refrigerating containers, refrigerating cabinets, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air purifiers, microwave ovens, ovens, raclette sets, radiators, rice cookers, sandwich makers, cabinets for the storage and temperature control of wine, foot spas, pocket torches, electric, tea machines, toasters, drying hoods, fans, waffle irons (electric), water boilers, laundry dryers (electric), horological and chronometric instruments, digital clocks, musical instruments, books, photograph albums, copying paper, paper labels, paper for printers, in particular for inkjet and laser printers, photographic paper, posters, periodicals, newspapers, bags for storing magnetic, optical and electronic sound, image and data carriers, cases for notebook computers, cases for cameras, bags for mobile telephones, bags for MP3 players and bags for MP4 players, picture frames, wall mounts for television sets, computer furniture, furniture for televisions and hi-fi furniture, heaters for feeding bottles, non-electric, roasters, coffee grinders (hand-operated), cooking pots, including pressure cookers, cool boxes, water apparatus for cleaning teeth and gums, noodle machines (hand-operated), pans, articles for cleaning purposes, waffle irons (non-electric), woks, toothbrushes (electric), coffee, and accessories relating to the aforesaid goods
    9. Publication of publicity texts
    10. Commercial management of the licensing of goods and services
    11. Layout services for advertising purposes
    12. On line advertising on a computer network
    13. Bill-posting
    14. Presentation of goods on communications media for retail purposes
    15. Price comparison services, In particular mobile telephone tariff comparison services and electricity price comparison services
    16. Radio advertising
    17. Shop window dressing
    18. Systemization of information into computer databases
    19. Dissemination of advertising matter
    20. Sales promotion
    21. Office machines and equipment rental
    22. Rental of photocopying machines
    23. Rental of vending machines
    24. Rental of advertising space
    25. Publicity material rental
    26. Rental of advertising time on communication media
    27. Advertising by mail order
    28. Distributing commercial samples
    29. Direct mail advertising (tracts, brochures, printed matter, samples)
    30. Document reproduction
    31. Administrative processing of orders
    32. Demonstration of goods
    33. Assembling data in computer-databases
    34. Arranging the providing of the aforesaid services and concluding contracts relating thereto
    35. Subscriptions to a telecommunications service, In particular arranging and concluding of contracts relating to the providing of telephone and data connections and the receiving of broadcasts, in particular pay-TV
    36. Arranging and concluding of contracts relating to the supplying of electricity
    37. Arranging newspaper subscriptions
    38. Arranging the providing of the aforesaid services and concluding contracts relating thereto.
  • The mark was filed in class 38 with following description of goods:
    1. Telecommunications
    2. Broadcasting of television programmes
    3. Radio broadcasting
    4. Radio broadcasting
    5. Providing access to a worldwide computer network
    6. Providing telecommunications connections to a global computer network
    7. Providing chatrooms on the Internet
    8. Providing telecommunications channels for teleshopping services
    9. Electronic mail
    10. Communication by computer terminals
    11. Communication services by means of telephone
    12. Telecommunication routing and junction services
    13. Wireless mobile phone services
    14. Computer-aided transmission of messages and images
    15. Paging services (by radio, telephone or other electronic communications systems)
    16. Satellite transmission
    17. Voice transmission services (voice messaging services)
    18. Fax services
    19. Telephone services
    20. Teleconferencing services
    21. Message sending
    22. Rental of fax machines
    23. Rental of message sending apparatus
    24. Rental of modems
    25. Telephone rental services
    26. Rental of telecommunications apparatus
    27. Leasing of access time to global computer networks
    28. Procuring access to databases.
  • The mark was filed in class 41 with following description of goods:
    1. Education
    2. Providing of training
    3. Entertainment
    4. Sporting and cultural activities
    5. Information on leisure activities
    6. Information regarding events (entertainment)
    7. Providing electronic publications (non-downloadable)
    8. Providing downloadable computer programs and computer software for personal computers and video game consoles and providing electronic books, audio books and music and video files
    9. Providing recreation facilities
    10. Digital picture service
    11. Advance booking services (entertainment)
    12. Television entertainment
    13. Photographing
    14. On-line game services (of a computer network)
    15. Online publishing of electronic books and periodicals
    16. Seat reservation for entertainment events
    17. Radio entertainment
    18. Rental of audio equipment
    19. Rental of movie projectors and accessories
    20. Rental of video cameras
    21. Rental of radio and television receiving sets
    22. Rental of cinematographic apparatus and accessories
    23. Rental of sound recordings
    24. Rental of videotapes
    25. Editing of radio and television programmes.