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NDF-Parts Machinery earthmoving

March 1, 2017

Trademark Summary

The trademark application NDF-Parts Machinery earthmoving was filed by Cannella Loredana, a corporation established under the laws of the Italian Republic (the "Applicant"). The application was published for oppositions on March 26, 2017, and it was registered by office on July 3, 2017 without any oppositions.

The application was filed in Italian (English was selected as the second language).

Goods And Services

  • The mark was filed in class 7 with following description of goods:
    1. Handling machines
    2. Skid steer loaders
    3. Elevating work platforms
    4. Metal loading ramps [machines]
    5. Dynamos
    6. Generators
    7. Diesel electric generators
    8. Cleaning machines for streets
    9. Snow blowing machines
    10. Shafts for pumps
    11. Compressors
    12. Reciprocating compressors
    13. Axial flow compressors
    14. Compressors as parts of machines, motors and engines
    15. Air compressors
    16. Screw air compressors
    17. Air compressors for vehicle compressed air systems
    18. Rotary air compressors
    19. Air compressors for vehicles
    20. Electric compressors
    21. Compressors for machines
    22. Pump diaphragms
    23. High pressure pumps
    24. Gear pumps
    25. Rotary gear pumps
    26. Axial pumps
    27. Fuel pumps for land vehicles
    28. Water pumps for use in motors and engines
    29. Water pumps for vehicles
    30. Feed pumps
    31. Distribution pumps
    32. Lubricating pumps
    33. Electrical pumps
    34. Hydraulic pumps
    35. Marine pumps
    36. Water pumps
    37. Valves for pumps
    38. Compressing fans
    39. Suction valves for air compressors
    40. Toothed wheels for driving chains
    41. Gear wheels for machines
    42. Friction wheels for machines
    43. Machine wheels
    44. Rubber tracks being parts of crawlers on snow ploughs
    45. Rubber tracks being parts of crawlers on mining machines
    46. Rubber tracks being parts of crawlers on loading-unloading machines and apparatus
    47. Rubber tracks being parts of crawlers on construction machines
    48. Rubber tracks being parts of crawlers on agricultural machines
    49. Rubber tracks for use with crawlers on snow ploughs
    50. Rubber tracks for use with crawlers on construction machines
    51. Rubber tracks for use with crawlers on mining machines
    52. Rubber tracks for use with crawlers on agricultural machines
    53. Rubber tracks for use with crawlers on loading-unloading machines and apparatus
    54. Igniting devices for internal combustion engines
    55. Electronic ignitions for vehicles
    56. Fluid couplings being parts of machines
    57. Couplings for pneumatic apparatus
    58. Couplings for machines
    59. Machine tool couplings
    60. Couplings for agricultural implements
    61. Cam shafts
    62. Engine camshafts
    63. Camshafts for machines
    64. Camshafts for vehicle engines
    65. Camshafts for air vehicles
    66. Camshafts for water vehicles
    67. Spindle shafts [parts of engines]
    68. Turbine shafts [parts of machines]
    69. Axles for machines
    70. Transmission shafts for machines
    71. Transmission shafts for water vehicles
    72. Engine housings
    73. Starter alternators
    74. Alternators for land vehicles
    75. Dampers [parts of machines]
    76. Pump-motor assemblies
    77. Push rods for engines
    78. Push rods [vehicle engine parts]
    79. Electrical drives for machines
    80. Hydraulic actuators
    81. Actuators for mechanisms
    82. Actuators for valves
    83. Grabs [parts of machines]
    84. Connecting rods [internal combustion engine parts]
    85. Connecting rods for machines, motors and engines
    86. Connecting rods for machines
    87. Connecting rods for land vehicle engines
    88. Automotive engine blocks
    89. Coils [internal combustion engine parts]
    90. Electric ignition coils
    91. Spools of metal [parts of machines]
    92. Cylinder liners
    93. Cams being parts of machines
    94. Glow plugs for Diesel engines
    95. Carburetters
    96. Crankcases for land vehicles engines
    97. Crankcases for motors
    98. Crankcases for machines, motors and engines
    99. Crankcases for machines
    100. Chains, being engine timing components
    101. Driving chains, other than for land vehicles
    102. Power transmission chains
    103. Driving chains for machines
    104. Ignition wires for motor vehicles
    105. Engine cylinders for land vehicles
    106. Engine cylinders for vehicles
    107. Cylinders for machines
    108. Cylinders being parts of machines
    109. Cylinders for motors and engines
    110. Clutch cylinders, other than for land vehicles
    111. Cylinders for vehicles other than land vehicles
    112. Dynamo belts
    113. Timing belts for industrial motors
    114. Timing belts for machines
    115. Timing belts for motors
    116. Belts for machines
    117. Power transmission belting for machines
    118. Belts for motors and engines
    119. Self-oiling bearings
    120. Shaft bearings [parts of machines]
    121. Bearings for transmission shafts
    122. Engine bearings
    123. Fuel injectors for internal combustion engines
    124. Ignition devices for motors of land vehicles
    125. Starters for asynchronous electric cage motors
    126. Progressive starters for asynchronous motors
    127. Diesel injection devices
    128. Distributors for vehicle engines
    129. Fuel filters for vehicle engines
    130. Air filters for automobile engines
    131. Oil filters [machine parts]
    132. Oil filters for motors and engines
    133. Rolling bearing cages
    134. Gear couplings for machines
    135. Impellers for turbo-superchargers
    136. Universal joints [Cardan joints]
    137. Shaft couplings as parts of machines
    138. Machine couplings [other than pipe]
    139. Joints [parts of engines]
    140. Starting couplings for machines
    141. Power transmission couplings for sea craft
    142. Power transmission couplings for machines
    143. Power transmission couplings for water vehicles
    144. Gaskets for internal combustion engines
    145. Non-metal engine gaskets for vehicles
    146. Metal engine gaskets for vehicles
    147. Cylinder head gaskets
    148. Fuel injectors
    149. Injectors for engines
    150. Igniting magnetos
    151. Ignition magnetos for engines
    152. Exhausts
    153. Exhaust mufflers for watercraft
    154. Exhausts for motors and engines
    155. Internal combustion engines for boats
    156. Magnetic clamps [parts of machines]
    157. Alternating current motors
    158. Diesel engines for machines
    159. Diesel engines for water vehicles
    160. Geared electric motors for water craft
    161. Linear motors
    162. Hydraulic motors for excavators
    163. Hydraulic engines and motors
    164. Mechanical engine parts for land vehicles
    165. Journals [parts of machines]
    166. Starter pinions
    167. Cam sprockets
    168. Pistons [parts of machines or engines]
    169. Pistons [internal combustion engine parts]
    170. Pistons for cylinders
    171. Pistons for engines
    172. Pistons for machines
    173. Pistons for internal combustion engines
    174. Pistons for vehicle engines
    175. Pistons for land vehicle engines
    176. Pumps [parts of machines, engines or motors]
    177. Fuel pumps
    178. Engine fuel pumps
    179. Fuel pumps for motor vehicles
    180. Self-regulating fuel pumps
    181. Oil pumps for use in motors and engines
    182. Oil pumps for land vehicle engines
    183. Die holders for use with machines
    184. Pumps for land vehicle engines
    185. Fuel injection pumps
    186. Stuffing boxes [parts of machines]
    187. Belt pulleys being parts of machines
    188. Timing belt pulleys
    189. Servo-mechanisms
    190. Servomotors
    191. Exhaust silencers
    192. Mufflers for motors and engines
    193. Superchargers
    194. Anti-vibration mountings for machines
    195. Belt tensioners
    196. Cylinder heads made of castings of light metal alloys [parts of machines]
    197. Cylinder heads for engines
    198. Hydraulic turbines
    199. Turbocompressors
    200. Turbochargers for machines
    201. Turbo-superchargers for engines
    202. Turbo-superchargers for vehicle engines
    203. Turbo-superchargers for land vehicle engines
    204. Valves
    205. Butterfly valves being parts of machines
    206. Fuel valves
    207. Power operated valves
    208. Clack valves [parts of machines]
    209. Pressure valves [parts of machines]
    210. Thermostatic control valves for machines
    211. Waste gas return valves [parts of machines]
    212. Valves [parts of machines]
    213. Servo-control valves
    214. Fans being parts of machines
    215. Fans for cooling vehicle engines.