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March 19, 2019

Trademark Summary

The trademark application Qio was filed by Ardeshir Ghiassi, a national of the Federal Republic of Germany (the "Applicant") and Andreas Hordt, a national of the Federal Republic of Germany (the "Co-Applicant", and jointly with the "Applicant" referred to as the "Applicants" going forward). The application was published for oppositions on April 1, 2019, and it was registered by office on July 9, 2019 without any oppositions.

The application was filed in German (English was selected as the second language).

Goods And Services

  • The mark was filed in class 3 with following description of goods:
    1. Essential oils and aromatic extracts
    2. Aromatic essential oils
    3. Aromatherapy preparations
    4. Aromatic oils
    5. Emulsified essential oils
    6. Ethereal essences
    7. Ethereal oils
    8. Essential oils for personal use
    9. Essential oils for soothing the nerves
    10. Blended essential oils
    11. Natural essential oils
    12. Aromatics [essential oils]
    13. Aromatherapy oil
    14. Oral hygiene preparations
    15. Liquid dentifrice
    16. Chewable tooth cleaning preparations
    17. Sets of cosmetic oral care products
    18. Mouthwash
    19. Non-medicated dentifrices
    20. Toothpaste
    21. Tooth gel
    22. Massage oils
    23. Skin cream.
  • The mark was filed in class 5 with following description of goods:
    1. Dietary supplements and dietetic preparations
    2. Antioxidants
    3. Appetite stimulant preparations
    4. Appetite suppressants
    5. Dietary fibre
    6. Diastase for medical purposes
    7. Dietetic products for invalids
    8. Dietetic preparations adapted for medical use
    9. Dietetic sweeteners for medical purposes
    10. Dietetic sugar substitutes for medical use
    11. Dietetic sugar for medical use
    12. Albuminous preparations for medical purposes
    13. Anti-oxidant supplements
    14. Fish oil for medical purposes
    15. Food supplements in liquid form
    16. Liquid vitamin supplements
    17. Freeze-dried food adapted for medical purposes
    18. Powdered fruit-flavored dietary supplement drink mix
    19. Homogenized food adapted for medical purposes
    20. Medicinal drinks
    21. Medicated food supplements
    22. Preparations for use as additives to food for human consumption [medicated]
    23. Medicinal tea
    24. Mineral dietary supplements for humans
    25. Food supplements consisting of amino acids
    26. Mineral nutritional supplements
    27. Food supplements consisting of trace elements
    28. Dietary supplements for humans not for medical purposes
    29. Dietary supplements consisting of vitamins
    30. Dietary supplements for controlling cholesterol
    31. Albuminous foodstuffs for medical purposes
    32. Enzyme dietary supplements
    33. Alginate dietary supplements
    34. Protein dietary supplements
    35. Dietary supplements for humans
    36. Dietary food supplements used for modified fasting
    37. Nutritional drink mix for use as a meal replacement
    38. Health food supplements for persons with special dietary requirements
    39. Food for medically restricted diets
    40. Vitamin supplement patches
    41. Preparations for supplementing the body with essential vitamins and microelements
    42. Artificial tea [for medicinal use]
    43. Health food supplements made principally of minerals
    44. Health food supplements made principally of vitamins
    45. Vitamin A preparations
    46. Vitamin and mineral preparations
    47. Vitamin and mineral supplements
    48. Vitamin B preparations
    49. Effervescent vitamin tablets
    50. Vitamin C preparations
    51. Vitamin D preparations
    52. Vitamin supplements
    53. Dental preparations and articles
    54. Medicated brush-on oral care gels
    55. Medicated anti-cavity mouthwashes
    56. Medicated mouth care preparations
    57. Medicated mouth treatment preparations
    58. Medicated dentifrices
    59. Medicated dental rinses
    60. Medicated mouthwash
    61. Mouth sprays for medical use
    62. Mouthwashes for medical purposes
    63. Pharmaceutical preparations for dental use
    64. Medicated skin creams.
  • The mark was filed in class 9 with following description of goods:
    1. Research laboratory analyzers for measuring, testing and analyzing blood and other bodily fluids
    2. Imaging devices for scientific purposes
    3. Biometric identification apparatus
    4. Chromatographs for scientific or laboratory use
    5. Instruments for diagnosis [for scientific use]
    6. Diagnostic apparatus for testing food
    7. Electrodes for laboratory research
    8. Electronic sports training simulators [computer hardware and software-based teaching apparatus]
    9. Teaching and instructional apparatus
    10. Medical simulators [teaching aids]
    11. Laboratory optical apparatus
    12. Optical frequency metrology devices
    13. Spectrometry apparatus
    14. Temperature monitors for scientific use
    15. Sports training simulators
    16. Scientific apparatus and instruments
    17. Recording apparatus
    18. Data storage devices
    19. Digital input and output scanners
    20. Digital signal processing apparatus
    21. Ships logs [electronic]
    22. Electronic agendas
    23. Receiving terminals for signals
    24. Facial recognition apparatus
    25. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags
    26. Interactive touch screen terminals
    27. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) readers
    28. Time data generators
    29. Speech recognition apparatus
    30. Peripherals adapted for use with computers
    31. Artificial intelligence apparatus
    32. Chromatogram analyzers for scientific or laboratory use
    33. Food analysis apparatus.
  • The mark was filed in class 10 with following description of goods:
    1. Physical therapy equipment
    2. Medical and veterinary apparatus and instruments
    3. Orthopedic and mobility aids
    4. Prosthetics and artificial implants
    5. Apparatus for acupressure therapy
    6. Scalp massagers
    7. Massage apparatus [for medical purposes]
    8. Therapeutic apparatus incorporating massaging facilities
    9. Vibromassage apparatus
    10. Gum massaging instruments
    11. Thermal massage pads
    12. Massage apparatus, electric or non-electric
    13. Body rehabilitation apparatus for medical purposes
    14. Electronic stimulation apparatus for physiotherapy
    15. Apparatus for the therapeutic toning of the body
    16. Apparatus for electrical muscle stimulation
    17. Apparatus for the therapeutic stimulation of the body
    18. Chiropractic instruments
    19. Computer controlled training apparatus for therapeutic use
    20. Low frequency electric therapy apparatus
    21. Therapeutic and assistive devices adapted for the disabled
    22. Physical exercise apparatus for therapeutic use
    23. Apparatus for achieving physical fitness [for medical use]
    24. Weight training apparatus adapted for medical use
    25. Hand exercisers for therapeutic use
    26. Treadmills for medical use in physiotherapeutic exercise
    27. Physical exercise apparatus for medical purposes
    28. Nerve muscle stimulators
    29. Quartz lamps for medical purposes
    30. Electro-stimulation apparatus for use in therapeutic treatment
    31. Rowing machines for physical exercise [for medical use]
    32. Step-up machines for use in physiotherapy
    33. Electrotherapy instruments for slimming treatments
    34. Hot air therapeutic apparatus
    35. Exercise simulating apparatus for medical purposes
    36. Transcutaneous electrical muscle stimulators
    37. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators
    38. Stair climbing machines for medical therapeutic use
    39. Exercise machines for therapeutic purposes
    40. Ultrasonic aspirators for separating soft tissue parts
    41. Ultraviolet ray lamps for medical purposes
    42. Heat treatment apparatus
    43. Heat dispensing containers for relieving muscle pain
    44. Heat lamps for medical use
    45. Heat therapy instruments
    46. Exercisers [expanders] for medical therapy
    47. Exercising apparatus for medical rehabilitative purposes
    48. Apparatus for analysing measured physical signals
    49. Medical analytical apparatus for medical purposes
    50. Apparatus for analysing images [for medical use]
    51. Apparatus for carrying-out diagnostic tests for medical purposes
    52. Audiometers
    53. Respiration monitors for medical use
    54. Automatic analyzers for medical diagnosis
    55. Incentive spirometers for medical use
    56. Blood pressure monitors
    57. Blood glucose testing apparatus
    58. Blood glucose monitoring apparatus
    59. Sphygmotensiometers
    60. Diagnostic apparatus for medical purposes
    61. Diagnostic imaging apparatus for medical use
    62. Digital thermometers for medical purposes
    63. Electronic heart rate monitors [for medical use]
    64. Electronic medical instruments
    65. Sources of magnetic fields for use in medical diagnosis
    66. Sources of ultrasonic fields for use in medical diagnosis
    67. Lung function test apparatus for medical use
    68. Manometers for medical use
    69. Eye testing apparatus
    70. Acupuncture needles
    71. Anti-rheumatism bracelets
    72. Apparatus for the electrical stimulation of groups of muscles
    73. Laser light treatment instruments for medical use
    74. Applicators for medications
    75. Bracelets for medical purposes
    76. Chemically activated hot compresses for medical use
    77. Chemically activated cold compresses for medical use
    78. High frequency electromagnetic therapy apparatus
    79. Electromedical instruments for firming treatments
    80. Body mass index (BMI) measuring devices for medical use
    81. Infrared lamps for medical purposes
    82. Inhalers
    83. Curing lamps for medical purposes
    84. Lamps for producing polarised light for medical use
    85. Lasers for medical purposes
    86. Medical hand tools
    87. Radiotherapy apparatus
    88. Telemetry devices for medical applications
    89. Ultrasonic therapy apparatus
    90. Insoles for corrective treatment of conditions of the lower limbs
    91. Insole-shells [orthopaedic]
    92. Callipers [splints]
    93. Triangular bandages [supportive]
    94. Bandages, elastic
    95. Tubular elastic bandages for supporting limbs
    96. Medical elbow braces
    97. Heel pads for orthopaedic use
    98. Foot orthoses
    99. Invalid walkers
    100. Pillows for orthopedic use
    101. Knee supports for medical use
    102. Ankle supports for medical use
    103. Body limb compression sleeves
    104. Corsets for medical purposes
    105. Medical supports for the body
    106. Spine seats [medical apparatus]
    107. Orthopedic articles
    108. Arch supports for footwear
    109. Orthopaedic footwear
    110. Orthopaedic soles
    111. Orthopaedic hosiery
    112. Orthopaedic strappings
    113. Splinting materials for medical use
    114. Exercise boots [orthopaedic footwear]
    115. Soft insoles [orthopaedic]
    116. Spine plates [medical apparatus]
    117. Toe inserts for footwear [orthopaedic]
    118. Orthopaedic hip prostheses
    119. Prostheses for medical treatment
    120. Prostheses for surgical treatment
    121. Bandages for joints
    122. Articular protheses
    123. Orthopedic joint implants
    124. Massage apparatus.
  • The mark was filed in class 25 with following description of goods:
    1. Clothing
    2. Headgear
    3. Footwear
    4. Sleeveless jerseys
    5. Printed t-shirts
    6. Athletic tights
    7. Moisture-wicking sports shirts
    8. Moisture-wicking sports pants
    9. Fleeces
    10. Leisurewear
    11. Functional underwear
    12. Padded pants for athletic use
    13. Padded shirts for athletic use
    14. Padded shorts for athletic use
    15. Shirts
    16. Trousers
    17. Trousers shorts
    18. Sleeved jackets
    19. Sleeveless jackets
    20. Short-sleeved T-shirts
    21. Short-sleeve shirts
    22. Long-sleeved shirts
    23. Long sleeve pullovers
    24. Long sleeved vests
    25. Running Suits
    26. Leggings [trousers]
    27. Athletic uniforms
    28. Polo shirts
    29. Sweat-absorbent underwear
    30. Sweat-absorbent socks
    31. Sweatbands
    32. Anti-perspirant socks
    33. Shorts
    34. Sports bras
    35. Sportswear
    36. Casual shirts
    37. Sports pants
    38. Sports jackets
    39. Sports socks
    40. Sports singlets
    41. Tee-shirts
    42. Thermal underwear
    43. Sweat shorts
    44. Undershirts
    45. Pants
    46. Thermally insulated clothing
    47. Weatherproof clothing
    48. Windproof clothing.
  • The mark was filed in class 28 with following description of goods:
    1. Sporting articles and equipment
    2. Aerobic step machines
    3. Balls being sporting articles
    4. Stomach exercisers
    5. Exercise bands
    6. Indoor fitness apparatus
    7. Wrist weights for exercise
    8. Machines for physical exercises
    9. Weight lifting belts [sports articles]
    10. Machines incorporating weights for use in physical exercise
    11. Grip balls in the nature of rubber ball for hand exercise
    12. Appliances for gymnastics
    13. Climbers' harness
    14. Squeezable balls used to relieve stress
    15. Body training apparatus [exercise]
    16. Kettle bells
    17. Dumb-bells
    18. Manually operated exercise equipment
    19. Protective paddings [parts of sports suits]
    20. Sports training apparatus
    21. Exercise balls
    22. Exercise benches
    23. Exercise trampolines
    24. Exercise weights.
  • The mark was filed in class 32 with following description of goods:
    1. Non-alcoholic beverages
    2. Flavoured carbonated beverages
    3. Juices
    4. Waters
    5. Non-alcoholic fruit punch
    6. Fruit-based soft drinks flavored with tea
    7. Non-alcoholic beverages containing fruit juices
    8. Non-alcoholic beverages flavoured with tea
    9. Non-carbonated soft drinks
    10. Non-alcoholic honey-based beverages
    11. Non-alcoholic malt drinks
    12. Non-alcoholic beverages containing vegetable juices
    13. Non-alcoholic sparkling fruit juice drinks
    14. Cider, non-alcoholic
    15. Quinine water
    16. Energy drinks
    17. Oat-based beverages [not being milk substitutes]
    18. Isotonic beverages
    19. Energy drinks containing caffeine
    20. Carbohydrate drinks
    21. Nutritionally fortified beverages
    22. Vitamin fortified non-alcoholic beverages
    23. Vitamin enriched sparkling water [beverages]
    24. Non-alcoholic drinks enriched with vitamins and mineral salts
    25. Non-alcoholic malt free beverages [other than for medical use]
    26. Protein drinks
    27. Smoothies
    28. Sports drinks
    29. Sports drinks containing electrolytes
    30. Beverages containing vitamins
    31. Preparations for making beverages
    32. Non-alcoholic fruit extracts used in the preparation of beverages
    33. Cordials
    34. Powders for effervescing beverages
    35. Essences for making beverages
    36. Extracts for making beverages
    37. Concentrates for use in the preparation of soft drinks
    38. Powders for the preparation of beverages.
  • The mark was filed in class 41 with following description of goods:
    1. Education, entertainment and sport services
    2. Sports and fitness services
    3. Aerobics training services
    4. Educational services relating to physical fitness
    5. Supervision of physical exercise
    6. Consultancy relating to physical fitness training
    7. Physical fitness consultation
    8. Coaching services for sporting activities
    9. Physical fitness centres (Operation of -)
    10. Provision of keep fit facilities
    11. Swimming facilities
    12. Providing facilities for sports recreation
    13. Providing sports training facilities
    14. Booking of exercise facilities
    15. Coaching
    16. Sporting services
    17. Gymnasium services relating to weight training
    18. Health club services [health and fitness training]
    19. Personal trainer services [fitness training]
    20. Sport camp services
    21. Sports-park services
    22. Keep fit instruction services
    23. Instruction courses relating to physical fitness
    24. Provision of educational services relating to exercise
    25. Conducting fitness classes
    26. Instruction in group exercise
    27. Conducting physical fitness conditioning classes
    28. Provision of educational services relating to fitness
    29. Sports instruction services
    30. Instruction courses relating to sporting activities
    31. Strength and conditioning training
    32. Physical training services
    33. Tuition in physical fitness
    34. Pilates instruction
    35. Providing instruction and equipment in the field of physical exercise
    36. Instruction in circuit training
    37. Providing fitness and exercise facilities
    38. Provision of health club [physical exercise] facilities
    39. Services for the provision of exercise equipment
    40. Tuition in chiropractics.
  • The mark was filed in class 44 with following description of goods:
    1. Animal healthcare services
    2. Human healthcare services
    3. Slimming treatment services
    4. Consultancy in the field of body and beauty care
    5. Advice relating to hair care
    6. Spas
    7. Laser skin tightening services
    8. Laser skin rejuvenation services
    9. Services for the care of the skin
    10. Services for the care of the scalp
    11. Cellulite treatment services
    12. Electrolysis for cosmetic purposes
    13. Liposuction services
    14. Individual and group psychology services
    15. Provision of information relating to psychology
    16. Provision of information relating to behavioural modification
    17. Consultancy relating to integral psychology
    18. Counselling relating to the psychological relief of medical ailments
    19. Counselling relating to the psychological treatment of medical ailments
    20. Psychotherapists' services
    21. Psychiatric services
    22. Services of a psychologist
    23. Psychiatric testing
    24. Personality assessment services [mental health services]
    25. Psychological testing services
    26. Preparing psychological profiles
    27. Psychological assessment services
    28. Holistic psychotherapy
    29. Psychological counseling services in the field of sports
    30. Animal-assisted therapy
    31. Behavioural analysis for medical purposes
    32. Mental health services
    33. Medical services
    34. Pharmaceutical services
    35. Rental of equipment for human healthcare
    36. Dentistry
    37. Ambulant medical care
    38. Advisory services relating to medical services
    39. Medical testing services, namely, fitness evaluation
    40. Alternative medicine services
    41. Medical screening
    42. Conducting of medical examinations
    43. Medical examination of individuals (Provision of reports relating to the -)
    44. Preparation of reports relating to medical matters
    45. Providing nutritional information about drinks for medical weight loss purposes
    46. Providing nutritional information about food for medical weight loss purposes
    47. Medical counseling relating to stress
    48. Provision of medical information relating to poisons
    49. Medical diagnostic services
    50. Heat therapy [medical]
    51. Optical imaging for medical diagnostic use
    52. Sports medicine services
    53. Shockwave therapy
    54. Services for the provision of medical facilities
    55. Provision of medical facilities at sporting events
    56. Provision of medical services
    57. Compilation of medical reports
    58. Dispensing of pharmaceuticals
    59. Providing information to patients in the field of administering medications
    60. Consultancy and information services relating to pharmaceutical products
    61. Preparation and dispensing of medications
    62. Providing information relating to the preparation and dispensing of medications
    63. Advice relating to dentistry
    64. Orthodontic services
    65. Cosmetic dentistry
    66. Dental consultations
    67. Providing information relating to dentistry
    68. Nutritional advice
    69. Providing nutritional information about food
    70. Anti-smoking therapy
    71. Fitness testing
    72. Hypnotherapy
    73. Massage
    74. Sports massage
    75. Electro therapy services for physiotherapy
    76. Nutrition and dietetic consultancy
    77. Health assessment surveys
    78. Health care relating to homeopathy
    79. Health care relating to naturopathy
    80. Health care relating to osteopathy
    81. Health care relating to therapeutic massage
    82. Light therapy services
    83. Lymphodrainage services
    84. Meditation services
    85. Assisting individuals to stop smoking
    86. Music therapy for physical, psychological and cognitive purposes
    87. Chiropractic
    88. Health care relating to chiropraxis
    89. Osteopathy.