EUTM file information


GAW Robooptic Systems

February 14, 2020

Trademark Summary

The trademark application GAW Robooptic Systems was filed by GAW Beteiligungs GmbH, a corporation established under the laws of the Republic of Austria (the "Applicant"). The application was published for oppositions on March 16, 2020, and it was registered by office on June 24, 2020 without any oppositions.

The application was filed in German (English was selected as the second language).

Change of name and professional address of the trademark registration was recorded on December 8, 2020.

Goods And Services

  • The mark was filed in class 7 with Machines and machine tools for treatment of materials and for manufacturing.
  • The mark was filed in class 9 with Navigation, guidance, tracking, targeting and map making devices and Measuring, detecting and monitoring instruments, indicators and controllers, Testing and quality control devices, Optical inspection apparatus for industrial use..
  • The mark was filed in class 42 with Scientific and technological services, including engineering, Development of testing methods, Research and development for others, Construction drafting and IT services, development, programming and implementation of software..