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September 7, 2020

Trademark Summary

The trademark application VTT was filed by Teknologian tutkimuskeskus VTT Oy, a corporation established under the laws of the Republic of Finland (the "Applicant"). The application was published for oppositions on September 15, 2020, and it was registered by office on December 24, 2020 without any oppositions.

It was designated 'Basic Application' for International Application 1603625 at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

The application was filed in English (German was selected as the second language).

Goods And Services

  • The mark was filed in class 9 with following description of goods:
    1. Scientific apparatus and instruments
    2. Laboratory apparatus and instruments
    3. Testing apparatus and instruments
    4. Measuring apparatus
    5. Measuring sensors
    6. Optical apparatus and instruments
    7. Apparatus and instruments for conducting electricity
    8. Apparatus and instruments for switching electricity
    9. Apparatus and instruments for transforming electricity
    10. Apparatus and instruments for controlling electricity
    11. Computer components and parts
    12. Electrical and electronic components
    13. Process control units [electric]
    14. Optical electronic components
    15. Testing and quality control devices
    16. Calibrators
    17. Monitoring instruments
    18. Computers
    19. Computer hardware
    20. Computer databases
    21. Data processing equipment and accessories (electrical and mechanical)
    22. Communications equipment
    23. Computer software
    24. Software and applications for mobile devices
    25. Computer application software
    26. Computer programmes [programs], recorded
    27. Computer programs [downloadable software]
    28. Software to control building environmental, access and security systems
    29. Automatic control apparatus
    30. Electronic publications (downloadable).
  • The mark was filed in class 16 with following description of goods:
    1. Educational publications
    2. Printed publications
    3. Printed reports
    4. Printed research reports
    5. White papers
    6. Educational and instructional material
    7. Manuals [handbooks]
    8. Journals.
  • The mark was filed in class 35 with following description of goods:
    1. Advertising
    2. Business management
    3. Business administration
    4. Office functions
    5. Business management consultancy and advisory services
    6. Industrial management consultation including cost/yield analyses
    7. Cost analyses
    8. Preparation of expert evaluations and reports relating to business matters
    9. Commercial or industrial management assistance
    10. Data management services
    11. Data compilation for others
    12. Compilation of statistical data for use in scientific research
    13. Data processing services
    14. Updating and maintenance of data in computer databases
    15. Business consultancy and advisory services
    16. Computerized database management services
    17. Providing business management start-up support for other businesses
    18. Business advice relating to growth financing
    19. Business analysis and information services, and market research
    20. Collection of commercial information
    21. Collecting information for business
    22. Business data analysis services
    23. Provision of business information
    24. Business networking services
    25. Online business networking services
    26. Business risk assessment services
    27. Economic analysis for business purposes
    28. Providing user ratings for commercial or advertising purposes
    29. Business intermediary services relating to the matching of potential private investors with entrepreneurs needing funding
    30. Organising exhibitions for commercial or advertising purposes
    31. Arranging and conducting of business meetings
    32. Business feasibility studies
    33. Marketing
    34. Marketing forecasting
    35. Marketing consultancy
    36. Event marketing
    37. Marketing analysis
    38. Marketing research
    39. Business strategy services.
  • The mark was filed in class 36 with following description of goods:
    1. Insurance
    2. Financial affairs
    3. Monetary affairs
    4. Real estate affairs
    5. Rental of office space
    6. Financial appraisal services
    7. Valuations and financial appraisals of property
    8. Financial appraisals and valuations
    9. Financial services relating to investment
    10. Financial and investment consultancy services
    11. Providing investors with financial information
    12. Provision of financial information for professionals in the field of portfolio management, for portfolio management
    13. Providing financial information relating to the creditworthiness of companies and individuals
    14. Providing financial information on-line
    15. Information services relating to finance, provided on-line from a computer database or the Internet
    16. Investment account services
    17. Investment risk assessment services
    18. Providing financing to emerging and start-up companies
    19. Venture capital funding services to emerging and start-up companies.
  • The mark was filed in class 40 with following description of goods:
    1. Providing material treatment information
    2. Material treatment information
    3. Printing services
    4. Custom assembling of materials for others
    5. Processing of biopharmaceutical materials for others
    6. Provision of information relating to chemical processing
    7. Treatment of materials using chemicals
    8. Custom manufacture of biopharmaceuticals
    9. Customized production of cosmetics for others
    10. Treatment and recycling of packaging
    11. Air purification
    12. Treatment of water
    13. Food and drink preservation
    14. Consultancy relating to the recycling of waste and trash
    15. Recycling services
    16. Upcycling [waste recycling]
    17. Waste treatment [transformation]
    18. Treatment [reclamation] of material from waste
    19. Processing of chemicals
    20. Processing of fuel materials
    21. Processing of gas and oil
    22. Treatment and processing of plastics
    23. Processing of rubber
    24. Treating of textiles
    25. Providing information relating to the processing of plastics
    26. Rental of chemical processing machines and apparatus.
  • The mark was filed in class 41 with following description of goods:
    1. Education
    2. Providing of training
    3. Organising of business training
    4. Providing online training seminars
    5. Arranging of demonstrations for training purposes
    6. Arranging of demonstrations for educational purposes
    7. Providing facilities for educational purposes
    8. Provision of training facilities
    9. Organisation of meetings and conferences
    10. Arranging and conducting seminars
    11. Arranging of seminars relating to business
    12. Conducting courses, seminars and workshops
    13. Organisation of seminars and conferences
    14. Training courses in strategic planning relating to advertising, promotion, marketing and business
    15. Providing electronic publications
    16. Publishing services
    17. Publishing of scientific papers.
  • The mark was filed in class 42 with following description of goods:
    1. Scientific and industrial research
    2. Scientific research and analysis
    3. Computer aided scientific research services
    4. Research relating to the computerised automation of industrial processes
    5. Research in the field of artificial intelligence
    6. Advisory services relating to scientific research
    7. Provision of information relating to scientific research
    8. Preparation of reports relating to scientific research
    9. Industrial design services
    10. Provision of information relating to industrial design
    11. Professional consultancy relating to industrial design
    12. Provision of information relating to industrial engineering
    13. Technological planning services
    14. Technological services relating to manufacture
    15. Engineering consultancy relating to manufacture
    16. Industrial analysis services
    17. Computer aided industrial analysis services
    18. Providing information about industrial analysis and research services
    19. Software as a service [SaaS]
    20. Platform as a service [PaaS]
    21. Platform as a service [PaaS] featuring software platforms for transmission of images, audio-visual content, video content and messages
    22. Platforms for artificial intelligence as software as a service [SaaS]
    23. Providing artificial intelligence computer programs on data networks
    24. Technical data analysis services
    25. Technical advisory services relating to data processing
    26. Data mining
    27. Computerised data storage
    28. Development of systems for the processing of data
    29. Designing of data processing programmes
    30. Development of industrial processes
    31. Services for monitoring industrial processes
    32. Conducting industrial tests
    33. Conducting of quality control tests
    34. Consultancy relating to quality control
    35. Quality control testing services for industrial machinery
    36. Materials testing and analysing
    37. Testing of materials
    38. Material testing for fault detection
    39. Technical testing
    40. Technical measuring and testing
    41. Laboratory testing
    42. Component testing
    43. Product quality testing
    44. Scientific testing services
    45. Testing, authentication and quality control
    46. Testing, analysis and evaluation of the goods of others for the purpose of certification
    47. Microbiological testing
    48. Testing of chemicals
    49. Testing of cosmetics
    50. Inspection of cosmetics
    51. Testing of pharmaceuticals
    52. Biotechnology testing
    53. Environmental testing and inspection services
    54. Scientific laboratory services
    55. Laboratory services
    56. Hosting on-line web facilities for others
    57. Hosting of platforms on the Internet
    58. Maintenance of websites and hosting on-line web facilities for others
    59. Providing computer facilities for the electronic storage of digital data
    60. Genetic research
    61. Research and development services in the field of gene expression systems
    62. Laboratory research in the field of gene expression
    63. Genetic engineering services
    64. Scientific research in the field of genetics and genetic engineering
    65. Scientific research relating to genetics
    66. Genetic testing for scientific research purposes
    67. Genetic engineering services relating to plants
    68. Scientific research relating to genetics of plants
    69. Biochemical engineering services
    70. Biochemical research and development
    71. Biochemical research and analysis
    72. Biochemistry services
    73. Biochemistry consultancy
    74. Advisory services relating to biochemistry
    75. Providing information relating to scientific research in the fields of biochemistry and biotechnology
    76. Information on the subject of scientific research in the field of biochemistry and biotechnology
    77. Scientific services relating to the isolation and cultivation of human tissues and cells
    78. Technological design services
    79. Product design and development
    80. Design services relating to the creation of elementary cells
    81. DNA screening for scientific research purposes
    82. Testing of raw materials
    83. Quality control of raw materials
    84. Chemical research
    85. Research to develop new products
    86. Research services
    87. Research laboratories
    88. Chemical laboratories
    89. Medical laboratories
    90. Preparation of biological samples for testing and analysis in research laboratories
    91. Research and testing services in the fields of bacteriology and virology
    92. Research and development in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology fields
    93. Research and development services in the field of chemistry
    94. Research and development services
    95. Research and development in the field of microorganisms and cells
    96. Stem cell research services
    97. Scientific services and research relating thereto
    98. Scientific research for medical purposes
    99. Scientific research
    100. Biotechnological research relating to industry
    101. Technical consultancy in relation to research services relating to foods and dietary supplements
    102. Cell separation research services
    103. Research relating to cultivation in horticulture
    104. Research relating to molecular sciences
    105. Research in measurement technology
    106. Research in the field of materials science
    107. Research relating to waste analysis
    108. Biotechnological research relating to agriculture
    109. Medical and pharmacological research services
    110. Scientific research relating to cosmetics
    111. Research relating to plant breeding
    112. Biotechnological research relating to enzymatic synthesis
    113. Biomedical research services
    114. Scientific research relating to biology
    115. Biological research and analysis
    116. Biochemistry research services
    117. Process monitoring for quality assurance
    118. Industrial process research
    119. Technological analysis services
    120. Compilation of scientific information
    121. Providing temporary use of non-downloadable software applications accessible via a web site
    122. Design and development of new products
    123. Development of new technology for others
    124. Biological development services
    125. Architectural and urban planning services
    126. Town planning consultancy services
    127. Town planning advisory services
    128. Research on building construction or city planning
    129. Research in the field of energy
    130. Consultancy relating to technological services in the field of power and energy supply
    131. Technological consultation services
    132. Water quality control services
    133. Water analysis
    134. Monitoring of water quality
    135. Environmental assessment services
    136. Engineering services in the field of environmental technology
    137. Design of controlled environmental buildings
    138. Environmental consultancy services
    139. Consultancy services relating to environmental planning
    140. Providing temporary use of on-line non-downloadable software for database management
    141. Civil engineering planning services
    142. Engineering services relating to automatic data processing
    143. Technical design and planning of telecommunications networks
    144. Road surveying
    145. Design of road networks
    146. Vehicle design services
    147. Infrastructure as a Service [IaaS]
    148. Software development, programming and implementation
    149. Software engineering
    150. Rental of software
    151. Creating and maintaining websites for mobile phones
    152. IT consultancy, advisory and information services
    153. Cloud computing
    154. Computer software design
    155. Computer system design
    156. Hosting of computerized data, files, applications and information
    157. Design and development of route planning software.