EUTM file information



February 16, 2021

Trademark Summary

The trademark application EURO CRAFT was filed by Euro Craft SAS, a corporation established under the laws of the French Republic (the "Applicant"). The application was published for oppositions on May 11, 2021, and it was registered by office on August 18, 2021 without any oppositions.

The application was filed in German (English was selected as the second language).

Goods And Services

  • The mark was filed in class 35 with following description of goods:
    1. Retail and wholesale services in relation to: Lifting trucks, Chains for motor vehicles and bicycles, paper packaging, Cardboard, Tubes, Goods of rubber for machines, Tools, Equipment, Apparatus and parts therefor, Rubber profiles, seals, caulking materials, Filling compounds, Insulating materials, stopping materials, goods made from plastics (semi-finished), Building materials (non-metallic), Construction materials (non-metallic)
    2. Arranging of business introductions
    3. Price comparison services
    4. Preparation of accounts
    5. Administrative support relating to the conducting of tenders
    6. Procurement services, for others
    7. Retail and wholesale services in relation to: Silicones, Sealing compounds, Acrylate, Adhesives used in industry, Tempering and soldering preparations, abrasive preparations, Detergent, Lubricants, other than for medical purposes, Industrial oil and greases, Building materials of metal, Metal roofing sheets, Roof angle irons, Roof gutters of metal, articles of metal hardware, ironmongery, cable and Wire of metal, Non-electric, Welding steel, Welding rods, Welding wire, Welding zinc, welding sheets, and Welding metals
    8. Commercial intermediation services
    9. Retail and wholesale services in relation to: Roof covering materials, namely Roofing paper, Roofing membranes, Roofing cement, Roofing paper, roofing slates, roofing shingles, scantlings (carpentry), Fittings for furniture and doors, Furnishings, Furniture, Plastic materials for packaging, Buckets and pails of all kinds, ropes, Working clothes, Work footwear, structural building elements namely Doors and windows of any material, access technology namely Ladders, Transporation devices namely Wheelbarrows
    10. Retail and wholesale services in relation to: Drive mechanisms, hand-operated tools and components therefor, their fittings and retaining devices for the aforesaid, hand-operated implements, and components therefor, their fittings and retaining devices for the aforesaid, hand-operated machines, and components therefor, their fittings and retaining devices for the aforesaid, Workbenches, protective work clothing [for protection against accident or injury], Protective work goggles, protective footwear, Surveying chains
    11. Concluding framework agreements, for others
    12. Arranging of collective buying
    13. Business management consultancy
    14. Commercial information agency services
    15. Marketing
    16. Arranging contracts and components thereof, in particular for awards
    17. Retail and wholesale services in relation to: Fittings of metal for buildings, Locks and components therefor of metal, Packaging of sheet metal, Transportable constructions of metal, Metallic pipes, Electric power tools, Hoisting apparatus, Chains for machine parts, Welding machines, Welding apparatus, Welding tools, Soldering machines and Welding torches, High pressure cleaners, Fittings for engine boilers, Driving machines, Drives for machines and motors
    18. Retail and wholesale services in relation to: Machinery, namely For mechanical equipment for earthworks and construction (construction machines), Pumps, compressors and fans, Machines and machine tools for the treatment of materials and manufacturing, Cutting machines, Drilling machines, Machines for abrasive grinding, Sharpening machines, and Surface treatment machines, Machine tools, Power-operated tools and apparatus for fastening and connecting, Material fixing machines, exterior clearing and cleaning machines, Tiling tools (machines), Lawnmowers [machines], Lawnmowers, Machines (pumps) for water processing, Drilling machines, Machines for hammering, Machines for milling, Welding machines, soldering machines, routers, Metal cutting saws, Machines for grinding, Planing machines, Machines for polishing, Saws [machines], High pressure cleaners, Machines for finishing floors, lifting tools [machines], And accessories therefor, Components therefor and holders for the aforesaid
    19. Retail and wholesale services in relation to: Measuring devices, Testing apparatus, Apparatus and instruments for conducting, switching, transforming, accumulating, Regulating or controlling electricity, Electric locks and components therefor, Fittings for using electric operating equipment, Ear protectors for preventing accidents, Fittings and parts therefor, Lighting apparatus and parts therefor, Sanitary installations, Apparatus for cooking, refrigerating, drying, ventilating and water supply
    20. Compilation of statistics.