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March 14, 2021

Trademark Summary

The trademark application ONEY was filed by ONEY BANK, a corporation established under the laws of the French Republic (the "Applicant"). The application was published for oppositions on March 28, 2021, and it was registered by office on July 5, 2021 without any oppositions.

The application was filed in French (English was selected as the second language).

Goods And Services

  • The mark was filed in class 9 with following description of goods:
    1. Apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images
    2. Magnetic data carriers
    3. Magnetic or optical data media
    4. Data storage media devices
    5. Telecommunication apparatus
    6. Data processing equipment, computers, computer peripheral devices, computer software, floppy disks
    7. Readers [data processing equipment]
    8. Optical readers
    9. Graphical code readers
    10. Integrated circuit cards [smart cards]
    11. Encoded magnetic cards
    12. Encoded credit cards and bank cards
    13. Identity cards, magnetic
    14. Encoded telephone cards
    15. Coin-operated mechanisms
    16. Automatic coin and bank note dispensers
    17. Electric, mechanical, electromechanical and electronic payment apparatus and equipment
    18. Apparatus and equipment for payment via the recognition of registration numbers and other elements for identifying goods and people
    19. Electronic payment terminals, electronic wallets
    20. Automatic cheque reading apparatus
    21. Apparatus for securing, identifying and authenticating orders given by computers and all kinds of terminal, computer or telephone
    22. Apparatus and computer software used for the securing and authentication of payment orders made by computer or using any kind of computer or telephone terminal
    23. Apparatus used for ensuring the security of banking operations and for electronic data transfer
    24. Biometric identification and authentication apparatus and systems
    25. Apparatus and instruments for examining and recognising digital fingerprints
    26. Biometric sensors
    27. Access control, identification and authentication equipment and apparatus
    28. Identification terminals and software for identification by means of biometric data
    29. Computer hardware and encrypting software, Encryption keys, Computer software for digital certificates, software for digital signatures, Software for secure data storage and retrieval and transmission of confidential customer information used by individuals and banking and financial institutions
    30. Computer software and hardware that facilitates the identification and authentication of near field communication (NFC) devices and radio frequency identification (RFID) devices
    31. Computer software applications for use in connection with contactless payment terminals, enabling vendors to accept contactless mobile commercial transactions, contactless presentation of loyalty rewards, contactless discount vouchers, reductions, discounts, coupons and special offers
    32. Computer software applications enabling vendors to send vouchers, Discounts, Rebates, Vouchers, and special offers Directly via consumer mobile telecommunications devices sent via contactless communications (RFID or NFC)
    33. Magnetic identity tickets and cards, in particular using biometrics
    34. Loyalty cards (magnetic/encoded)
    35. Magnetic identification cards
    36. Computer software applications for computers and mobile telephones allowing payment transactions, in particular with mobile telephones
    37. Computer software applications for computers and mobile telephones allowing payment transactions with electronic money, in particular with mobile telephones
    38. Computer software applications for computers and mobile telephones allowing secure payments, in particular based on the acquisition of a QR code
    39. Computer software applications for computers and mobile telephones allowing the automatic management of discount coupons, the bringing together and management of loyalty cards, and the digitisation of payment receipts
    40. Computer software applications for computers and mobile telephones allowing the storage of documents and information and the receiving of promotional offers
    41. Computer software applications allowing clients to be dealt with directly, for the purpose of sales, marketing or customer service.
  • The mark was filed in class 35 with following description of goods:
    1. Advertising
    2. Publication of advertising literature
    3. Direct mail advertising
    4. Dissemination of advertising matter
    5. Advertising agency services
    6. Publicity material rental
    7. Rental of advertising space
    8. Rental of advertising time on communication media
    9. Marketing
    10. Online advertising on a computer network
    11. Advertising by mail order
    12. Writing of publicity texts
    13. Telephone marketing
    14. Production of advertising films
    15. Assistance to commercial or industrial firms in the conduct of their business
    16. Business management
    17. Rental of vending machines
    18. Arranging newspaper subscriptions
    19. On-line newspaper subscription services
    20. Telephone subscriptions
    21. Arranging subscriptions to radiotelephony services and radio-paging services
    22. Arranging subscriptions to telecommunications services, to a global telecommunications network (the Internet) or private access network (an Intranet), to a centre providing access to a computer telecommunications network or data transmission network
    23. Subscription to a computer database or multimedia server
    24. Arranging subscriptions to telematic services, to data transmission services by telematics
    25. Subscription to a service-providing centre giving access to a computer telecommunications network or data transmission network
    26. Arranging subscriptions to television or radio programmes, to video recordings, sound recordings, audio-visual programmes
    27. Subscriptions to computer databases
    28. Administrative management and supervision of telecommunications networks and multimedia networks
    29. Commercial information agencies
    30. Cost price analysis
    31. Market studies
    32. Market research
    33. Opinion polling
    34. Price comparison services
    35. Compilation of statistics
    36. Public relations services
    37. Demonstration of goods
    38. Presentation of goods on communication media, for retail purposes namely sales promotion
    39. Commercial information and advice for consumers [consumer advice shop]
    40. Tracking, analysis, forecasting and reporting of card holder behaviour for business purposes
    41. Administrative processing of purchase orders
    42. Organisation of exhibitions and trade fairs for commercial or advertising purposes
    43. Computerized file management
    44. Collection and systematic ordering of data in a central file
    45. Data search in computer files for others
    46. Document reproduction
    47. Compilation and management of databases relating to consumers for marketing and analysis of consumer responses
    48. Business consultancy and business information
    49. Business promotion of all kinds and on all media including via a computer communication network (Internet or Intranet) and in particular by providing privileged user cards
    50. Commercial, promotional and advertising activities
    51. Client relations management for the purpose of obtaining, processing and analysing information on clients and prospective clients, with a view to encouraging customer loyalty by offering the best service
    52. Promotional offers, namely sales promotion for others
    53. Organisation and management of business operations to obtain customer loyalty in particular by means of loyalty cards
    54. Sales promotion for others, through the issuing of loyalty cards enabling points to be accumulated through purchases and enabling gift vouchers, promotional offers and gift items to be received
    55. Sales promotion for others, through the providing of promotional offers to customers using a payment card or electronic payment method, in particular by computer or mobile telephone
    56. Professional business research
    57. Sales promotion, for others, by means of issuing loyalty cards or payment cards enabling points to be accumulated through purchases and enabling gift vouchers, promotional offers and free gifts to be received.
  • The mark was filed in class 36 with following description of goods:
    1. Insurance underwriting
    2. Various risk insurance services
    3. Financial affairs, banking and monetary affairs
    4. Financing and loan services
    5. Stockbroking agency services
    6. Capital investment
    7. Electronic payment services
    8. Bank, credit and debit card services, Of payment cards, prepaid stored valuer cards and other cards or cheques providing financial benefits
    9. Online banking accessible via the internet and telecommunications networks of all kinds, including via mobile phone
    10. Issuing of gift cards and gift tokens
    11. Issuing of discount coupons
    12. Issuance of travellers' cheques
    13. Insurance and financial consultancy
    14. Valuation services and Risk management for others in the field of consumer credit
    15. Financial sponsorship
    16. Arranging of payment for supplying gifts and products or services of all kinds by issuing, distributing and exchanging gift vouchers, tickets, cheques, coupons, counterfoils, prepaid cards or credit cards or any other means of payment, in particular via computer networks or by telephone
    17. Secure payment and financing provided via a telephone or a computer terminal
    18. Payment by means of biometric authentication
    19. Payment authorisation, verification, and payment transaction processing
    20. Processing of transactions given in virtual currencies, for others
    21. Financial services relating to the possession of loyalty cards or payment cards
    22. Loyalty card payment services
    23. Financial services relating to the holding of promotional loyalty coupons
    24. Services relating to payment by promotional loyalty coupons
    25. Issuing and financial management of means of payment, in particular purchasing vouchers
    26. Formation and management of mutual investment funds, Fund investment services
    27. Management of compensation schemes for employees, management of pension plans for employees, management of retirement savings
    28. Real estate affairs
    29. Estate agency
    30. Management, rental, appraisal of real estate, apartments, offices
    31. Rent collection
    32. Rental of real estate
    33. Real-estate valuations
    34. Real estate brokerage, Real estate consultancy.
  • The mark was filed in class 38 with following description of goods:
    1. Telecommunication services
    2. Information relating to telecommunications
    3. Telecommunications, multimedia telecommunications, telecommunications in the field of electronic commerce for the banking and financial sectors
    4. News agency services
    5. News agency services
    6. Radio broadcasting, communications by telegrams
    7. Television broadcasting
    8. Radio and television program broadcasting
    9. Communications and telephone services
    10. Communications by cellular phones
    11. Mobile radio telecommunication services accessible by a system of prepaid cards
    12. Transfer of calls, call forwarding, Voice messaging, Video messaging
    13. Rental of telecommunications apparatus, of message sending apparatus, of facsimile machines, of telephones, of modems
    14. Message sending
    15. Facsimile transmission
    16. Communications by computer terminals
    17. Communications by fibre optic networks
    18. Computer aided transmission of messages and images
    19. Transmission of information contained in databanks
    20. Transmission of electronic mail
    21. Communication and transmission of messages, information and data, online or offline, by means of data processing systems, computer networks, including the international telecommunications network known as the internet and the international network known as the world wide web
    22. Providing of access to telecommunications networks, to a global computer network, including the global network known as the internet
    23. Electronic bulletin board services [telecommunications services]
    24. Teleconferencing services
    25. Rental services of time access to a computing data base
    26. Rental of access time for databases and computer database servers, wireless networks (short range or long range), telephone, radiotelephone or global communication networks (such as the internet) or private or restricted access networks (such as an intranet), to global communications servers (such as the internet) or to private or restricted access communications servers (such as an intranet)
    27. Providing access to databases
    28. Transmission, supply and display of information from a database stored on computer or on the internet in the field of financial services (telecommunications)
    29. Supplying telecommunications channels for teleshopping services
    30. Providing Internet chatrooms
    31. Providing multi-user access to a secure computerised information network for the transfer and dissemination of a range of information in the field of financial services
    32. Secure transmission of data, among other with access codes
    33. Transmission of information relating to the telephone directory
    34. Providing access to a cellular telephone network including a subscription or package deal
    35. Providing access to databases and to computer or telematic database server centres
    36. Providing access to digital music web sites on the internet
    37. Providing access to Internet websites (MP3 files)
    38. Providing access to film downloading and viewing services
    39. Downloading of video games, digital data, computer software, ringtones, images, moving images, films, music files
    40. Transmission of photographs, images, moving images, music, sound, games, ringtones by mobile telephone
    41. Transmission of photographs, images, moving images, music, sound via a local wireless network
    42. Transmission of photographs, images, moving images, music, sound, games, ringtones via a radiocommunications network
    43. Transmission of music, images, moving images, sound, data, games, ringtones by downloading
    44. Broadcasting of audiovisual programmes via computer terminals
    45. Broadcasting of audiovisual programmes on global communications networks (such as the Internet) or private or restricted access networks (such as an intranet), or by cable, satellite or wave
    46. Providing of assistance (enquiries, information) via telephone in the field of telecommunications
    47. On-line information services relating to telecommunications
    48. Providing of discussion forums and groups online.
  • The mark was filed in class 42 with following description of goods:
    1. Technical research
    2. Quality control
    3. Surveying
    4. Conducting technical project studies
    5. Technical project studies in the field of websites, Electronic commerce, Electronic money, electronic payment and box office
    6. Technical studies relating to the providing of websites and Of computer systems in particular for electronic commerce and electronic payments
    7. Computer programming
    8. Computer system design
    9. Design, installation, updating and maintenance of computer software
    10. Development (design), installation, updating, maintenance and rental of computer software in the financial, banking, monetary, real estate, stock market, savings and insurance fields
    11. Providing, for temporary use, of online, non-downloadable computer software for processing electronic payments
    12. Providing, for temporary use, of online non-downloadable authentication software for controlling access to and communication with computers and computer networks
    13. Rental of computers and computer software
    14. Computer and software consultancy
    15. Technical computer consultation
    16. Analysis for computer system installation
    17. Recovery of computer data
    18. Creating and maintaining web sites for others
    19. Rental of web servers
    20. Hosting computer sites [web sites]
    21. Providing search engines for the internet
    22. Duplication of computer programs
    23. Conversion of computer programs and data, other than physical conversion
    24. Conversion of data or documents from physical to electronic media
    25. Research and development of new products for others
    26. Protection of computers or computer networks against computer viruses and hacking
    27. Technical studies, consultancy, information, advice and assistance relating to computer security
    28. Development of systems enabling payment transactions via the internet, computer or mobile telephone
    29. Development of systems enabling payment transactions using electronic money
    30. Design of applications for computers and mobile telephones enabling secure payment transactions
    31. Authentication of financial transactions, namely registration and issue of authorisations granted to bank cards, bank card integrated software, terminals and systems for payment via bank card, and sites for production of the aforesaid cards, with regard to the functioning and the security features thereof
    32. Monitoring of computer systems for detecting unauthorized access or data breach
    33. Electronic monitoring of credit card activity to detect fraud via the internet
    34. Verification and authentication of the identity of a person making an electronic payment
    35. Certification of electronic payments
    36. Security and anti-fraud services in connection with electronic commerce and electronic payments (information technology security)
    37. Auditing relating to risk management and fraud in the monetary, banking or financial field (cybersecurity)
    38. Industrial research services
    39. Technical consultancy in the field of telecommunications.