EUTM file information


March 30, 2021

Trademark Summary

The trademark application was filed by IdeaStream Consumer Products LLC, a Limited Liability Company (the "Applicant"). The application was published for oppositions on April 22, 2021, and it was registered by office on July 30, 2021 without any oppositions.

The application was filed in English (German was selected as the second language).

Goods And Services

  • The mark was filed in class 9 with following description of goods:
    1. Media storage products
    2. CD and DVD cases
    3. CD and DVD storage wallets
    4. CD and DVD storage racks
    5. CD and DVD diaries
    6. Media storage containers, namely, disc storage containers
    7. Cases for diskettes and compact disks
    8. Cases for electronic diaries
    9. CD/DVD storage cases
    10. CD, DVD, disc, diskette, video recording, audio recording storage, namely binders and insert pages for CDs, DVDs, discs, diskettes, video recordings and audio recordings
    11. CD and DVD filing cabinets, CD and DVD accessories, namely, CD and DVD file folders, CD and DVD wallets
    12. DVD and electronic game disc storage boxes
    13. Laptop cases
    14. Netbook cases
    15. Tablet computer cases
    16. Phone storage cases
    17. Camera and gadget storage, namely, camera storage cases, video camera storage cases, camcorder storage cases, storage cases for electronic recording, transmission and communication devices, GPS navigation device storage cases and DVD player storage cases
    18. Cases, bags and packs for protecting and storing game cartridges, game discs, GPS devices, CDs, DVDs, data storage devices, hard drives, thumb drives, computer, magnetic, photographic and optical equipment and media as well as music players, PDA holders, computers, batteries, cameras, phones, laptops, electronic diaries, eyewear
    19. Cases, bags and packs for protecting and storing electrical and electronic equipment, namely, headphones, radios, microphones, speakers, computer keyboards, ebook readers, MP3 players, power supplies, chargers, cords, adapters, docking stations, scanners, printers and hard drives
    20. Camera cases
    21. Camcorder cases
    22. Plastic case used as a security device for protecting and securing DVDs and other magnetic and electronic media from theft
    23. CD/DVD storage racks and cabinets
    24. CD/DVD storage wallets
    25. CD/DVD storage cases and sleeves
    26. PC sleeves
    27. Data storage media
    28. CD, disc and DVD storage wallets, albums, cabinets, boxes and binders
    29. Wearable portable cases for electronic devices for recording, playing, transmission and communicating audio and video
    30. Storage containers adapted for compact discs
    31. CD storage racks
    32. Boxes adapted for storing computer software disks
    33. Storage containers adapted for video cassettes
    34. Mesh bags in the form of purses, rucksacks, backpacks, and/or shopping bags for the storage of cables and cords for cameras, for computers and for electronic equipment for recording, transmission and communication of sound and/or video
    35. Containers for data storage media
    36. Parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods.
  • The mark was filed in class 16 with following description of goods:
    1. School and office supply storage boxes and cases
    2. Art boxes and cases for art equipment, all being artists materials
    3. Pencil boxes and cases
    4. Clipboards
    5. Combined clipboard and document storage cases
    6. Index Card storage boxes and cases
    7. Business card storage boxes and cases
    8. Magazine storage boxes and cases
    9. Business and personal file storage boxes and cases
    10. File drawer boxes and cases
    11. Personal file totes being boxes and cases for the storage of personal files, all being office requisites
    12. File security boxes, all being office requisites and/or stationery
    13. Wall pockets
    14. Lock boxes, all being office requisites and/or stationery
    15. Coin bags
    16. Security boxes and cases, all being office requisites and/or stationery
    17. Cash boxes and cases, all being office requisites and/or stationery
    18. Printed matter
    19. Stationery
    20. Office requisites
    21. Diaries
    22. Tool boxes and cases, all being office requisites and/or stationery
    23. File boxes for storage of business and personal records, storage clipboards, index card boxes, photo storage boxes, paper and cardboard boxes for storing personal items
    24. Office supplies
    25. Boxes, all being office requisites and/or stationery
    26. Files
    27. Filing cards
    28. File folders
    29. Personal organisers
    30. Organisers
    31. Desk baskets and holders for desk accessories
    32. Dispensers and holders for office requisites
    33. Banners
    34. Posters
    35. Shelf liners
    36. Drawer liners
    37. Place mats
    38. Memo boards
    39. Blackboards
    40. White boards
    41. Drawing boards
    42. Educational materials
    43. Note pads
    44. Writing paper
    45. Paper
    46. Wall decorations of paper
    47. Stickers
    48. Charts
    49. Maps
    50. Clip boards
    51. Boxes for writing implements
    52. File boxes
    53. File holders
    54. Office storage containers
    55. Card files
    56. Binders
    57. Desk file trays, letter trays
    58. Stationery boxes
    59. Fiberboard boxes
    60. Cardboard boxes
    61. Boxes of paper
    62. Boxes of paper or cardboard
    63. Cardboard household storage boxes
    64. Storage containers made of paper
    65. Plastic food storage bags for household use
    66. Bags and articles for packaging, wrapping and storage of paper, cardboard or plastics
    67. Binders
    68. Office binders
    69. Binders [stationery]
    70. Organizational products for offices, homes, home offices and/or classrooms, namely desktop organisers, organisers for stationery use, desk top telephone stands being desktop organisers, and personal organisers
    71. Cardboard boxes
    72. File boxes for storage of business records
    73. Boxes for storing index cards
    74. File boxes for storage of magazines
    75. Paper and cardboard photo boxes
    76. Photograph storage boxes
    77. Corrugated record storage boxes
    78. Paper boxes
    79. Corrugated boxes and containers
    80. Papers boxes for storage under the bed
    81. Collapsible cardboard boxes
    82. Fibreboard boxes
    83. Stationery boxes
    84. Document files
    85. Day files
    86. Letter files
    87. Paper expanding files
    88. Expanding files in a non-paper protective cases
    89. Check files
    90. Check organizers
    91. Check books
    92. Chequebook holders
    93. Chequebook covers
    94. Chequebook and passbook wallets
    95. Coupon files
    96. Coupon organizers
    97. Desk file trays
    98. Document file trays
    99. Document file racks
    100. Letter trays
    101. Paper trays
    102. Wall-mounted file holders
    103. Inclined document separators
    104. Racks for letter or paper
    105. Hanging file folders
    106. File pockets
    107. File sorters
    108. Paper file jackets
    109. Document folders in the form of wallets
    110. Folders
    111. Hanging folders
    112. Folders for letters
    113. Paper folders
    114. Stationery folders
    115. Presentation folders
    116. Index tabs
    117. Index cards
    118. Index dividers
    119. Index books
    120. Reinforced stationery tabs
    121. Marking tabs
    122. Desktop organizers
    123. Organizers for stationery use
    124. Desk stands and holders for pens
    125. Pencils and ink
    126. Personal organizers
    127. Desk baskets for desk accessories
    128. Desk mounted and desktop stationery cabinets
    129. Desk sets
    130. Desktop planners
    131. Desktop business card holders
    132. Desktop document racks
    133. Desktop document stands
    134. Desktop revolving rotary card files
    135. Holders for desk accessories
    136. Ring binders
    137. Photograph albums
    138. Daily planners
    139. Document portfolios
    140. Stationery-type portfolios
    141. Padfolios, namely, stationery-type portfolios containing note pad
    142. Notebooks
    143. Notebook binders
    144. Notebook dividers
    145. Book covers
    146. Document covers
    147. Notebook covers
    148. Paper tray covers
    149. Protective covers for books and notebooks
    150. Pen or pencil holders
    151. Pen or pencil boxes
    152. Pen or pencil trays
    153. Pen or pencil cases
    154. Office supplies and office requisites
    155. Envelopes
    156. Clasp envelopes with and without string
    157. Paper envelopes for packaging
    158. CD/DVD insert pages
    159. Stationery items for the storage and indexing of digital storage media
    160. Parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods.
  • The mark was filed in class 18 with following description of goods:
    1. Backpacks
    2. Messenger bags
    3. Gym bags
    4. Locking Pouches
    5. Mesh bags in the form of purses, rucksacks, backpacks, and/or shopping bags
    6. Pouches for personal items
    7. Pouches of textile in the form of purses
    8. Small purses
    9. Leather and imitations of leather, boxes of imitation leather and cases of imitation leather and leather cases
    10. Animal skins, hides
    11. Luggage
    12. Travelling bags
    13. Hand bags
    14. Brief cases
    15. Trunks
    16. Footlockers being trunks
    17. Attaché cases
    18. Travel valet bags
    19. Rucksacks
    20. Cosmetic cases sold empty
    21. Purses
    22. Wallets
    23. Key cases
    24. Leather boxes
    25. Hunting bags
    26. Bags
    27. Game bags [hunting accessories]
    28. Bags (Game -) [hunting accessories]
    29. Parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods.
  • The mark was filed in class 20 with following description of goods:
    1. Furniture
    2. Office furniture
    3. Locks
    4. Storage racks
    5. Storage cabinets
    6. Toy boxes and storage boxes being furniture
    7. Locker boxes being furniture
    8. Filing cabinets
    9. Lockers
    10. Portable medicine storage boxes and cases, not of metal
    11. Non-metal chests for storage of files
    12. Wooden boxes with a locked storage area for storing personal items
    13. Plastic boxes for storing personal items
    14. Non metal chests for storing documents
    15. Non metal lock boxes
    16. Non metal general storage chests
    17. Non metal cash boxes
    18. Non metal tool boxes (empty)
    19. Bulletin boards
    20. Non metal boxes and containers
    21. Corrugated fibreboard boxes
    22. Storage boxes (furniture)
    23. Locker boxes (furniture)
    24. Carrying boxes (non-metallic -)
    25. Boxes for stacking purposes (plastic)
    26. Portable boxes (containers) of plastic
    27. Boxes made of plastics materials for packaging
    28. Storage furniture
    29. Storage cases (furniture)
    30. Storage baskets (furniture)
    31. Storage units (furniture)
    32. Cabinets for storage purposes
    33. Storage chests made of plastic
    34. Boxes for storage purposes (plastic)
    35. Storage and transport containers, not of metal
    36. Racks (furniture) made principally of plastics for storage purposes
    37. Security boxes (money boxes), not of metal
    38. Empty tool boxes (non-metallic)
    39. Tool boxes (furniture)
    40. Medicine cabinets
    41. Letter and legal document chests
    42. Storage containers
    43. Database storage cases (furniture)
    44. CD/DVD storage cabinets
    45. Office storage containers including bankers boxes, cash boxes and file security boxes
    46. Household storage boxes including photo boxes, craft boxes, storage totes, corrugated storage, under the bed storage and food storage
    47. Filing and organizational systems and aids (furniture)
    48. Portable desks
    49. Non-metal banker's boxes
    50. Non-metal photo boxes
    51. Non-metal craft boxes
    52. Plastic boxes for under the bed
    53. Parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods.