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InnoPlace. The European Innovation MarketPlace

April 11, 2021

Trademark Summary

The trademark application InnoPlace. The European Innovation MarketPlace was filed by The Innovation Loop SAS, a corporation established under the laws of the French Republic (the "Applicant"). The application was published for oppositions on April 22, 2021, and it was registered by office on July 30, 2021 without any oppositions.

The application was filed in French (English was selected as the second language).

Goods And Services

  • The mark was filed in class 35 with following description of goods:
    1. Marketing
    2. Promotional marketing
    3. Financial marketing
    4. Internet marketing
    5. Market campaigns
    6. Event marketing
    7. Development of marketing strategies and concepts
    8. Investigations of marketing strategy
    9. Planning of marketing strategies
    10. Business marketing services
    11. Blogger outreach services
    12. Provision of commercial information
    13. Providing business marketing information
    14. Provision of marketing reports
    15. Consultancy of personnel recruitment
    16. Commercial intermediation services
    17. Strategic business analysis
    18. Analysis of business statistics
    19. Analysis of business information
    20. Financial statement preparation and analysis for businesses
    21. Arranging of commercial and business contacts
    22. Provision of commercial and business contact information
    23. Business intermediary services relating to the matching of potential private investors with entrepreneurs needing funding
    24. Business services relating to the arrangement of joint ventures
    25. Information and data compiling and analyzing relating to business management
    26. Business information
    27. Commercial information services
    28. Business information for enterprises (Provision of -)
    29. Commercial information services, via the internet
    30. Business research and information services
    31. Provision of business and commercial information
    32. Compilation of information into computer databases
    33. Compilation of computer databases
    34. Systemization of information into computer databases
    35. Compilation and systematisation of information in databanks
    36. Management and compilation of computerised databases
    37. Collection and systematisation of information into computer databases
    38. Providing commercial information to consumers
    39. Commercial information and advice for consumers in the choice of products and services
    40. On-line advertising and marketing services
    41. Online advertisements
    42. Online business networking services
    43. Business investigations
    44. Business inquiries
    45. Arranging of business introductions
    46. Business analysis
    47. Market intelligence services
    48. Competitive intelligence services
    49. Business intelligence services
    50. Benchmarking (evaluation of business organisation practices)
    51. Collection of data
    52. Compilation of statistical data for use in scientific research
    53. Collating of data in computer databases
    54. Business data analysis services
    55. Business analysis services
    56. Market research and marketing studies
    57. Computerised market research
    58. Market analysis and research
    59. Market analysis
    60. Business research
    61. Business research and surveys
    62. Compilation of statistics
    63. Compilation of statistical information
    64. Provision of statistical information relating to business
    65. Computerized file management.
  • The mark was filed in class 36 with following description of goods:
    1. Providing funding for the development of new technology
    2. Investment information
    3. Facilitating and arranging financing
    4. Providing funding for inventions
    5. Providing funding for governments
    6. Investment services
    7. Financial advice
    8. Consultancy services relating to corporate finance
    9. Currency trading
    10. Financial intermediary services
    11. Investment brokerage
    12. Financial brokerage services
    13. Financial analysis
    14. Financial economic analysis
    15. Computerised financial analysis
    16. Financial evaluation and analysis
    17. Financial analysis and research services
    18. Preparation and analysis of financial reports
    19. Financial data analysis
    20. Investment analysis
    21. Financial investment analysis and stock research
    22. Computer analyses of stock exchange information
    23. Providing information, consultancy and advice in the field of financial valuation
    24. Financial nominee services
    25. Provision of commercial finance
    26. Intellectual property valuation services
    27. Financial valuation of intellectual property assets
    28. Banking
    29. Financial guarantee services
    30. Warranty claims administration services
    31. Financing services for the securing of funds in respect of ventures
    32. Investment banking services
    33. Electronic banking services
    34. Banking and financing services
    35. Internet banking
    36. Computerised banking services
    37. Financial management for businesses
    38. Financial management
    39. Financial management of companies
    40. Financial management of stocks
    41. Financial management services relating to banking institutions
    42. Valuation services
    43. Financial assessment of company credit
    44. Financial evaluation
    45. Financial risk assessment services
    46. Financial risk management services
    47. Venture capital financing
    48. Venture capital services
    49. Venture capital and venture capital management services
    50. Financial research in the field of risk management
    51. Advisory services relating to [financial] risk management
    52. Venture capital fund management
    53. Investment risk assessment services
    54. Venture capital management
    55. Venture capital funding services for inventors
    56. Private placement and venture capital investment services
    57. Financial research
    58. Financial investment research services
    59. Economic financial research services
    60. Investment research
    61. Financial investment
    62. Financial information
    63. Collection of financial information
    64. Financing services
    65. Trade finance services
    66. Provision of finance for enterprises
    67. Industrial financing services
    68. Project finance
    69. Charitable services, namely financial services
    70. Crowdinvesting services
    71. Loans [financing]
    72. Lending and loans services
    73. Financing and loan services
    74. Financing of communal loans
    75. Venture capital funding services for companies
    76. Venture capital funding services for universities
    77. Venture capital funding services for research institutions
    78. Management of private equity funds
    79. Capital investment
    80. Capital fund investment
    81. Venture capital funding services for commercial entities
    82. Venture capital (Services for the provision of -)
    83. Venture capital and project capital investment services
    84. Financial management of risk capital, investment capital and development capital
    85. Administration of investment funds
    86. Administration of fund investment
    87. Investment fund management
    88. Monitoring of investment funds
    89. Administration of funds and investments
    90. International fund investment
    91. Financially-guaranteed financing
    92. Financing of guarantees
    93. Financial guarantee assessment services
    94. Financial services for securing funds for others
    95. Provision of financial guarantees for bonding real estate
    96. Financing of development projects
    97. Project financing.
  • The mark was filed in class 42 with following description of goods:
    1. Engineering services relating to information technology
    2. Scientific and technological design
    3. Technological services relating to design
    4. Engineering services in the field of communications technology
    5. Compilation of information relating to information technology
    6. Provision of information relating to information technology
    7. Outsource service providers in the field of information technology
    8. Research services
    9. Research and development in the field of diagnostic preparations
    10. Technological research
    11. Research relating to biotechnology
    12. Industrial research
    13. Provision of geographical information
    14. Technological services
    15. Advisory services relating to science
    16. Consultancy in the field of computers
    17. Information services relating to information technology
    18. Compilation of information relating to information systems
    19. Compilation of scientific information
    20. IT consultancy, advisory and information services
    21. Consultancy and information services relating to information technology
    22. Industrial analysis and research services
    23. Scientific analysis
    24. Provision of research services
    25. Providing information about industrial analysis and research services
    26. Providing online information about industrial analysis and research services
    27. Technical data analysis services
    28. Technological analysis services
    29. Scientific research and development
    30. Research and development of computer software
    31. Pharmaceutical research and development
    32. Preparation of reports relating to scientific research
    33. Provision of surveys [scientific]
    34. Scientific research and analysis
    35. Scientific risk assessment
    36. Scientific and industrial research
    37. Technology consultation in the field of artificial intelligence
    38. Consulting in the field of cloud computing networks and applications
    39. Scientific and technological research relating to patent mapping
    40. Technical research
    41. Providing Internet search engines with specific search options
    42. Computer software design
    43. Software design and development
    44. Design, development and programming of computer software
    45. Software development in the framework of software publishing
    46. User authentication services using single sign-on technology for online software applications
    47. Quality control and authentication services
    48. Technical project planning
    49. Computer project management services
    50. Engineering project management services.
  • The mark was filed in class 45 with following description of goods:
    1. Matchmaking services
    2. Legal advice
    3. Investigations in relation to intellectual property
    4. Providing information in the field of intellectual property
    5. Intellectual property consultancy
    6. Intellectual property services
    7. Legal services relating to the acquisition of intellectual property
    8. Licensing of intellectual property
    9. Management of intellectual property
    10. Legal services relating to intellectual property rights
    11. Legal services relating to the exploitation of intellectual property rights
    12. Monitoring intellectual property rights for legal advisory purposes
    13. Intellectual property consultancy services for inventors
    14. Legal watching services
    15. Management of patents
    16. Legal consultancy relating to patent mapping
    17. Advisory services relating to patents
    18. Consultancy relating to patent protection
    19. Consultancy relating to computer software licensing
    20. Consultancy relating to the licensing of intellectual property
    21. Patent and patent application licensing
    22. Intellectual property consultancy services in the field of patents and patent applications
    23. Consultancy relating to trademark licensing
    24. Designs (Registered, filing of -)
    25. Licensing of computer software [legal services]
    26. Legal services relating to the exploitation of patents
    27. Patent attorney services
    28. Licensing of patents
    29. Licensing of patent applications
    30. Consultancy relating to patent licensing
    31. Industrial property management
    32. Legal and judicial research services in the field of intellectual property
    33. Enforcement of intellectual property rights
    34. Legal services relating to the exploitation of copyright and industrial property rights
    35. Professional advisory services relating to intellectual property rights
    36. Legal consultancy relating to intellectual property rights
    37. Advisory services relating to intellectual property rights
    38. Consultancy relating to industrial property rights
    39. Copyright management
    40. Legal services for procedures relating to industrial property rights
    41. Legal services relating to the negotiation and drafting of contracts relating to intellectual property rights
    42. Legal services relating to the management and exploitation of copyright and ancillary copyright
    43. Consultancy relating to copyright protection
    44. Legal services relating to the exploitation of broadcasting rights
    45. Legal services relating to the exploitation of transmission rights
    46. Copyright and industrial property rights management
    47. Reviewing standards and practices to assure compliance with laws and regulations
    48. Advisory services relating to the preparation of standards
    49. Information services relating to trading standards.