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July 23, 2021

Trademark Summary

The trademark application HMI PROFESSIONAL was filed by HYGIENE MEDICAL INDUSTRY OOD, a corporation established under the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria (the "Applicant"). The application was published for oppositions on August 4, 2021, and it was registered by office on November 11, 2021 without any oppositions.

The application was filed in Bulgarian (English was selected as the second language).

Goods And Services

  • The mark was filed in class 1 with following description of goods:
    1. Nitrogen biofertilizers
    2. Bacterial preparations for use in horticulture
    3. Bacterial preparations for use in agriculture
    4. Bacteriological preparations for use in horticulture
    5. Bacteriological preparations for use in agriculture
    6. Biological inoculants, other than for medical use
    7. Biostimulants for plants
    8. Biofertilizers
    9. Substrates for soil-free growing [agriculture]
    10. Substances for horticultural use produced by genetic engineering
    11. Substances for improving the soil
    12. Substances for promoting plant growth
    13. Garden feeds [fertilizers]
    14. Substances for regulating growth in plants
    15. Substances for stabilising the soil
    16. Yield promoters for vegetables
    17. Substances for use in aquaculture [other than pharmaceutical]
    18. Soil additives [fertilising]
    19. Soil additives
    20. Natural fertilizers
    21. Additives, chemical, to insecticides
    22. Anti-pathogen plant-protecting preparations
    23. Soil conditioning preparations for enhancing the growth of garden products
    24. Soil amendments for agricultural use
    25. Soil improving preparations
    26. Plant nutrition preparations
    27. Plant growth regulating preparations
    28. Mixtures of chemicals and microorganisms for fertilizing compost
    29. Mixtures of chemicals and microorganisms for sterilizing compost
    30. Manure in liquid form
    31. Liquid fertilisers
    32. Manure in solid form
    33. Fertilizers for domestic use
    34. Fertilizers for household plants
    35. Fertilizers for soil
    36. Plant fertilizers
    37. Compost
    38. Chemical fertilizers
    39. Chemicals for use in the manufacture of cosmetics
    40. Biological preparations, other than for medical or veterinary purposes
    41. Surfactants for use in preserving floor surfaces
    42. Surfactants for use in detergent compositions
    43. Chemical additives for paints and surface coatings
    44. Surface active chemical agents for use in agriculture
    45. Surfactants for use in the manufacture of synthetic detergents
    46. Water repellant compositions
    47. Chemical compositions for water treatment
    48. Chemicals for use in cleaning water
    49. Water testing chemicals
    50. Water treatment preparations
    51. Water softening chemicals
    52. Filtering media [chemical] for water
    53. Chemical preparations for use in water softening
    54. Chemical preparations for neutralizing water
    55. Chemicals for use in clearing water
    56. Chemical products for the treatment of sewage
    57. Additives (Chemical -) for use in the disinfection of water
    58. Additives (Chemical -) for use in the cleaning of water
    59. Chemical products for the treatment of drinking water
    60. Microorganisms for use in water treatment
    61. Preparations containing bacteria for water treatment
    62. Chemicals for the treatment of irrigation water
    63. Water purifying chemicals for swimming pools
    64. Chemicals for the purification of water used in swimming pools
    65. Chemical compounds for use in removing solids from water in filtration
    66. Chemical compounds for the removal of solids in water clarification
    67. Mould releasing agents having a water and solvent base
    68. Waterproofing chemical compositions
    69. Dressings in liquid form for waterproofing leather shoes
    70. Microbial inoculants, other than for medical use
    71. Biological substances [other than for medical or veterinary use]
    72. Biological preparations [other than for medical use]
    73. Corrosive preparations
    74. Flocculants
    75. Enzymes for industrial purposes
    76. Decolorants for industrial purposes
    77. Tensio-active agents
    78. Surfactants for industrial purposes
    79. Degreasing preparations for use in manufacturing processes
    80. Oil-purifying chemicals
    81. Descaling preparations for industrial purposes
    82. Bacterial preparations for use in forestry
    83. Bacterial preparations for the food industry.
  • The mark was filed in class 2 with following description of goods:
    1. Surface coatings in the nature of paint
    2. Primers for preparing surfaces to be painted
    3. Industrial paints for use on metal
    4. Undercoating for surfaces to be painted
    5. Wood lacquers
    6. Mordants
    7. Shoe dyes.
  • The mark was filed in class 3 with following description of goods:
    1. Cosmetic rouges
    2. Tonics [cosmetic]
    3. Decorative cosmetics
    4. Natural cosmetics
    5. Organic cosmetics
    6. Functional cosmetics
    7. Cosmetics and cosmetic preparations
    8. Cosmetic moisturisers
    9. Cleansing milk for toilet purposes
    10. Beauty masks
    11. Oils for cosmetic purposes
    12. Powder for make-up
    13. Cosmetics
    14. Cosmetic dyes
    15. Beauty lotions
    16. Beauty serums
    17. Cosmetic soaps
    18. Cosmetic creams
    19. Beauty milk
    20. Eyebrow cosmetics
    21. Moisturising concentrates [cosmetic]
    22. Cosmetic preparations for eyelashes
    23. Beauty care cosmetics
    24. Cosmetics for the use on the hair
    25. Nail cosmetics
    26. Cosmetics for children
    27. Fluid creams [cosmetics]
    28. Non-medicated cosmetics and toiletry preparations
    29. Non-medicated cosmetics
    30. Nail varnish remover [cosmetics]
    31. Toiletries
    32. Sun blocking oils [cosmetics]
    33. Sun blocking preparations [cosmetics]
    34. Beauty balm creams
    35. Cosmetic nourishing creams
    36. Basma [cosmetic dye]
    37. Concealers
    38. Colour cosmetics
    39. Nail base coat [cosmetics]
    40. Skin masks [cosmetics]
    41. Cosmetics for personal use
    42. Nail hardeners [cosmetics]
    43. Colour cosmetics for the eyes
    44. Colour cosmetics for the skin
    45. Mineral oils [cosmetic]
    46. Cosmetic face powders
    47. Body cream
    48. Powder compact refills [cosmetics]
    49. Lacquer for cosmetic purposes
    50. Night creams [cosmetics]
    51. Suntan lotion [cosmetics]
    52. Cosmetic preparations for slimming purposes
    53. Henna for cosmetic purposes
    54. Face creams for cosmetic use
    55. Cosmetics for animals
    56. Petroleum jelly for cosmetic purposes
    57. Body oils [for cosmetic use]
    58. Facial scrubs [cosmetic]
    59. Face packs
    60. Lip coatings [cosmetic]
    61. Toning creams [cosmetic]
    62. Moisturising gels [cosmetic]
    63. Cosmetic eye gels
    64. Chalk for cosmetic use
    65. Serums for cosmetic purposes
    66. Cosmetic oils for the epidermis
    67. Cosmetic hand creams
    68. Skin conditioners
    69. Cosmetic facial lotions
    70. Sun care preparations
    71. Facial preparations
    72. Cosmetic hair lotions
    73. Gels for cosmetic use
    74. Sunscreen lotions
    75. Moisturising preparations
    76. Cosmetic creams and lotions
    77. Toners for cosmetic use
    78. Lotions for cosmetic purposes
    79. Pre-moistened cosmetic wipes
    80. Pomades for cosmetic purposes
    81. Ointments for cosmetic use
    82. Lip cosmetics
    83. Lip stains [cosmetics]
    84. Procollagen for cosmetic purposes
    85. Cosmetic skin enhancers
    86. Cosmetic mud masks
    87. Cosmetic body mud
    88. Beauty preparations for the hair
    89. Softening cleanser [cosmetic]
    90. Cosmetic products for the shower
    91. Cosmetics containing keratin
    92. Cosmetics containing panthenol
    93. Cosmetic preparations for skin care
    94. Cosmetics in the form of rouge
    95. Natural oils for cosmetic purposes
    96. Antiperspirants [toiletries]
    97. Sun bronzers
    98. Tissues impregnated with cosmetics
    99. Impregnated cloths for cosmetic use
    100. Body paint for cosmetic purposes
    101. Suntan oils for cosmetic purposes
    102. Greases for cosmetic purposes
    103. Hydrogen peroxide for cosmetic purposes
    104. Facial toners [cosmetic]
    105. Cleaner for cosmetic brushes
    106. Cosmetic white face powder
    107. Retinol cream for cosmetic purposes
    108. Cosmetic suntan lotions
    109. Cosmetic foams containing sunscreens
    110. Lavender oil for cosmetic use
    111. Suntanning oil [cosmetics]
    112. Distilled oils for beauty care
    113. Exfoliating scrubs for cosmetic purposes
    114. Cosmetic body scrubs
    115. Sun care preparations for cosmetic use
    116. Herbal extracts for cosmetic purposes
    117. Hydrating creams for cosmetic use
    118. Recovery creams for cosmetic use
    119. Cosmetic creams for dry skin
    120. Acne cleansers, cosmetic
    121. Cosmetics for the treatment of dry skin
    122. Tanning milks [cosmetics]
    123. Body and facial creams [cosmetics]
    124. Body and facial gels [cosmetics]
    125. Sun-tanning gels
    126. Lip protectors [cosmetic]
    127. Cosmetics in the form of oils
    128. Moist wipes impregnated with a cosmetic lotion
    129. Facial cleansers [cosmetic]
    130. Facial moisturisers [cosmetic]
    131. Cosmetic hair dressing preparations
    132. Skin whitening preparations [cosmetic]
    133. Cosmetics in the form of milks
    134. Moisturising skin lotions [cosmetic]
    135. Cosmetics for use on the skin
    136. Cosmetics in the form of gels
    137. Sun-tanning preparations [cosmetics]
    138. Bleaching preparations [decolorants] for cosmetic purposes
    139. Nail varnish for cosmetic purposes
    140. Cosmetics in the form of powders
    141. Cosmetics in the form of lotions
    142. Cosmetics in the form of creams
    143. Moisturising skin creams [cosmetic]
    144. Moisturising body lotion [cosmetic]
    145. Skin cleansers [cosmetic]
    146. Bath oils for cosmetic purposes
    147. Cosmetic preparations for the hair and scalp
    148. Cosmetic preparations for body care
    149. Cosmetic sun-protecting preparations
    150. After-sun oils [cosmetics]
    151. Facial washes [cosmetic]
    152. Facial care preparations
    153. Cosmetic nail care preparations
    154. Sun protectors for lips
    155. Cosmetic preparations for skin renewal
    156. Facial emulsions
    157. Self tanning lotions [cosmetic]
    158. Self tanning creams [cosmetic]
    159. Refill packs for cosmetics dispensers
    160. Emollient preparations [cosmetics]
    161. Cosmetic preparations for skin firming
    162. Cosmetic preparations for bath and shower
    163. Facial serum for cosmetic use
    164. Make-up removing preparations
    165. Skin care oils [cosmetic]
    166. Skin care creams [cosmetic]
    167. Topical skin sprays for cosmetic purposes
    168. Moist wipes for sanitary and cosmetic purposes
    169. Facial wipes impregnated with cosmetics
    170. Aloe vera preparations for cosmetic purposes
    171. Skin lightening compositions [cosmetic]
    172. Skin care lotions [cosmetic]
    173. Body mask lotion
    174. Body mask powder
    175. Fair complexion creams
    176. Moist paper hand towels impregnated with a cosmetic lotion
    177. Paper hand towels impregnated with cosmetics
    178. Tissues impregnated with cosmetic lotions
    179. Glitter for cosmetic purposes
    180. Cosmetic hair regrowth inhibiting preparations
    181. Skin conditioning creams for cosmetic purposes
    182. Cosmetic creams for firming skin around eyes
    183. Hair rinses [for cosmetic use]
    184. Hair preservation treatments for cosmetic use
    185. Hair desiccating treatments for cosmetic use
    186. Bath soak for cosmetic use
    187. Cosmetics for protecting the skin from sunburn
    188. Cosmetic preparations for use as aids to slimming
    189. Cosmetic preparations for the care of mouth and teeth
    190. Cosmetic preparations for dry skin during pregnancy
    191. After sun creams
    192. Non-medicated hair treatment preparations for cosmetic purposes
    193. Facial peel preparations for cosmetic use
    194. Cosmetic products in the form of aerosols for skincare
    195. After-sun preparations for cosmetic use
    196. Cosmetic paste for application to the face to counteract glare
    197. Wrinkle-minimizing cosmetic preparations for topical facial use
    198. Pores tightening mask packs used as cosmetics
    199. Slimming aids [cosmetic], other than for medical use
    200. Teeth whitening strips impregnated with teeth whitening preparations [cosmetics]
    201. Shampoos
    202. Shampoo-conditioners
    203. Dry shampoos
    204. Non-medicated shampoos
    205. Emollient shampoos
    206. Body shampoos
    207. Carpet shampoo
    208. Baby shampoo mousse
    209. Dandruff shampoo
    210. Baby shampoo
    211. Shampoos for human hair
    212. Shampoos for personal use
    213. Non-medicated hair shampoos
    214. Shampoo bars
    215. Dandruff shampoos, not for medical purposes
    216. Hair rinses [shampoo-conditioners]
    217. Cleansing balm
    218. Balms, other than for medical purposes
    219. Conditioning balsam
    220. Lip balms [non-medicated]
    221. Hair balsam
    222. Shaving balm
    223. Hair conditioners
    224. Lip conditioners
    225. Baby hair conditioner
    226. Aftershave balms
    227. Skin balms (Non-medicated -)
    228. Hair moisturising conditioners
    229. Foot balms (Non-medicated -)
    230. Conditioners in the form of sprays for the scalp
    231. Detergents
    232. Detergent soap
    233. Foam detergents
    234. Laundry balls containing laundry detergent
    235. Detergents, other than for use in manufacturing operations and for medical purposes
    236. Laundry soap
    237. Substances for laundry use
    238. Laundry liquids
    239. Liquid soap for laundry
    240. Fabric softeners for laundry use
    241. Bleaching preparations and other substances for laundry use
    242. Rinsing aids for use when washing clothes
    243. Laundry additives for water softening
    244. Colour run prevention laundry sheets
    245. Nail varnish
    246. Nail gel
    247. Nail varnish removers
    248. Nail glitter
    249. Nail cream
    250. Nail whiteners
    251. Nail polish top coat
    252. Nail primer [cosmetics]
    253. Cuticle cream
    254. Nail strengtheners
    255. Cuticle oil
    256. Preparations for reinforcing the nails
    257. Lotions for strengthening the nails
    258. Nail care preparations
    259. Nail repair preparations
    260. Fingernail overlay material
    261. Cuticle removers
    262. Biological laundry detergents
    263. Soap products
    264. Soaps in liquid form
    265. Bath soap
    266. Deodorant soap
    267. Beauty soap
    268. Perfumed soaps
    269. Soaps for personal use
    270. Non-medicated soaps
    271. Cream soaps
    272. Toilet soap
    273. Scented soaps
    274. Facial soaps
    275. Soaps and gels
    276. Hand soaps
    277. Soaps in gel form
    278. Cakes of soap for household cleaning purposes
    279. Liquid soap for dish washing
    280. Creams (Soap -) for use in washing
    281. Liquid soaps for hands and face
    282. Breath fresheners
    283. Non-medicated mouth sprays
    284. Mouthwash
    285. Mouthwashes, not for medical purposes
    286. Mouth sprays, not for medical use
    287. Mouth [breath] fresheners, not for medical use
    288. Dentifrices and mouthwashes
    289. Oral hygiene preparations
    290. Oral care preparations [non-medicated]
    291. Hand creams
    292. Hand lotions
    293. Hand lotion (Non-medicated -)
    294. Cleaning agents for the hands
    295. Hand washes
    296. Hand cleansers
    297. Toning lotion, for the face, body and hands
    298. Hand masks for skin care
    299. Degreasers for cleaning purposes
    300. Degreasers, other than for use in manufacturing processes
    301. Floor stripping preparations
    302. Perfumed toilet waters
    303. Bleaching preparations
    304. Bleaching preparations for household use
    305. Bleaching preparations [decolorants] for household purposes
    306. Descaling preparations for household purposes
    307. Javelle water
    308. Household bleach.
  • The mark was filed in class 5 with following description of goods:
    1. Medicated shampoos
    2. Pediculicidal shampoos
    3. Analgesic balm
    4. Medicinal ointments
    5. Medicated lip balm
    6. Baby bottom balms for medical purposes
    7. Germicidal detergents
    8. Medicated and sanitising soaps and detergents
    9. Nail sanitizing preparations
    10. Biological fungicides
    11. Biological reagents for medical use
    12. Antibacterial soap
    13. Medicated soap
    14. Disinfectant soap
    15. Medicated mouth spray
    16. Antiseptic mouthwashes
    17. Mouthwashes for medical purposes
    18. Mouth sprays for medical use
    19. Antimicrobial mouthwashes
    20. Medicated mouth care preparations
    21. Medicated mouth treatment preparations
    22. Mouth cavity cleansers
    23. Oral care preparations [medicated]
    24. Antibacterial hand lotions
    25. Antibacterial handwashes
    26. Medicated hand wash
    27. Biocides
    28. Veterinary preparations
    29. Detergents for medical purposes
    30. Weedicides.