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Nd pharma

March 15, 2022

Trademark Summary

The trademark application nd pharma was filed by ND PHARMA, a corporation established under the laws of Romania (the "Applicant"). The application was published for oppositions on June 6, 2022, and still open for oppositions.

The application was filed in Romanian (English was selected as the second language).

Goods And Services

  • The mark was filed in class 5 with following description of goods:
    1. Dental preparations and articles, and medicated dentifrices
    2. Sanitary preparations and articles
    3. Air deodorising and air purifying preparations
    4. Pest control preparations and articles
    5. Dietary supplements and dietetic preparations
    6. Dental preparations and articles
    7. Hygienic preparations and articles
    8. Live organs and tissues for surgical purpose
    9. Medical dressings, coverings and applicators
    10. Diagnostic preparations and materials
    11. Pharmaceuticals and natural remedies
    12. Surgical glues
    13. Medical adhesives for binding wounds
    14. Medical adhesives for binding internal tissue
    15. Adhesives for affixing prostheses
    16. Medicated additives for animal foods
    17. Fodder additives for medical purposes
    18. Cardiovascular agents for medical purposes
    19. Cellular function activating agents for medical purposes
    20. Drug delivery agents that facilitate the delivery of pharmaceutical preparations
    21. Drug delivery agents in the form of edible wafers for wrapping powdered pharmaceuticals
    22. Drug delivery agents in the form of dissolvable films that facilitate the delivery of pharmaceutical preparations
    23. Arsenic detoxification agents for medical purposes
    24. Drug delivery agents in the form of coatings for tablets that facilitate the delivery of pharmaceutical preparations
    25. Benzol detoxification agents for medical purposes
    26. Chlorine detoxification agents for medical purposes
    27. Radiation sickness treating agents
    28. Alcohol for pharmaceutical purposes
    29. Rubbing alcohol
    30. Herbal anti-itch ointments for pets
    31. Herbal sore skin ointments for pets
    32. Gas mixtures for medical use
    33. Oxygen baths
    34. Capsules for medicines
    35. Capsules sold empty for pharmaceuticals
    36. Cachets for pharmaceutical purposes
    37. Cachets for medicinal purposes
    38. Reconstituted cells for clinical treatments for skin care
    39. Dog lotions for veterinary purposes
    40. Activated charcoal for adsorption of toxins for medical purposes
    41. Surgical dyes
    42. Blood components
    43. Caustic pencils
    44. Haemostatic pencils
    45. Udder creams for agricultural use
    46. Biological tissue cultures for veterinary purposes
    47. Dextrins for pharmaceutical use
    48. Yeast for medical, veterinary or pharmaceutical purposes
    49. Massage gels for medical purposes
    50. Vascular grafts [living tissue]
    51. Greases for medical purposes
    52. Greases for medical or veterinary purposes
    53. Greases for veterinary purposes
    54. Breath-freshening chewing gum for medicinal purposes
    55. Haemoglobin
    56. Oiled paper for medical purposes
    57. Microbicides
    58. Medicinal mud
    59. Preparations of trace elements for human and animal use
    60. Gravel as a digestive aid for birds
    61. Oxygen for medical purposes
    62. Solid oxygen for medical use
    63. Eye drops
    64. Blood substitutes
    65. Massage candles for therapeutic purposes
    66. Ear candles for therapeutic purposes
    67. Radio-isotope markers for therapeutic or diagnostic use
    68. Materials for surgical casts
    69. Medicines for veterinary purposes
    70. Pain relief medication for veterinary purposes
    71. Cell growth media for growing cells for medical use
    72. Bone growth media consisting of biological materials for medical purposes
    73. Leeches for medical purposes
    74. Lotions for veterinary purposes
    75. Medicated after-shave lotions
    76. Lubricants for surgical purposes
    77. Lubricants for medical use
    78. Radiotherapeutic hormones
    79. Isotopes for medical purposes
    80. Milk sugar for medical purposes [lactose]
    81. Intravenous fluids used for rehydration, nutrition and the delivery of pharmaceutical preparations
    82. Radioactive elements for medical use
    83. Enzyme preparations for medical purposes
    84. Enzyme preparations for veterinary purposes
    85. Enzymes for medical purposes
    86. Enzymes for veterinary purposes
    87. Scrubs [preparations] for medical use
    88. Bark extract for medical use
    89. Bark extract for veterinary use
    90. Yeast extracts for medical, veterinary or pharmaceutical purposes
    91. Pheromones
    92. Attractants for pet animals
    93. Injectable dermal fillers
    94. Blood protein fractions
    95. Gases for medical purposes
    96. Solidified gases for medical purposes
    97. Gases and gas mixtures for medical imaging use
    98. Gelatine for medical purposes
    99. Paracetamol preparations for oral administration
    100. Trichomycin preparations
    101. Diagnostic radiopharmaceutical preparations
    102. Medicated toiletry preparations
    103. Douching preparations for medical purposes
    104. Tryptophane preparations
    105. Medicinal clay preparations
    106. Cantharides preparations for medical use
    107. Preparations of microorganisms for medical purposes
    108. Biochemical preparations for medical use
    109. Biochemical preparations for veterinary use
    110. Mixed biological preparations for medical purposes
    111. Amino acid preparations for medical purposes
    112. Amino acid preparations for veterinary use
    113. Methionine preparations
    114. Vitamin and mineral preparations
    115. Trace element preparations for human use
    116. Paracetamol modified release preparations
    117. Paracetamol preparations for intravenous administration
    118. Medicated eye-washes
    119. Blood plasma
    120. Bacterial preparations for medical purposes
    121. Bacterial preparations for veterinary purposes
    122. Bacteriological preparations for medical purposes
    123. Bacteriological preparations for veterinary purposes
    124. Organotherapeutics
    125. Oral vaccine preparations
    126. Breath refreshers for medical purposes
    127. Rehydration preparations
    128. Repellents for dogs
    129. Pearl powder for medical purposes
    130. Bark powder for medical use
    131. Bark powder for veterinary use
    132. Trace element preparations for use by animals
    133. Panthenol preparations for medical use
    134. Bath preparations for medical purposes
    135. Preparations for making medicated beverages
    136. Enema preparations
    137. Preparations for use in naturopathy
    138. Veterinary preparations and substances
    139. Mineral food preparations for medical purposes
    140. Antipyretic preparations
    141. Pharmaceutical preparations for veterinary use
    142. Pharmaceutical preparations for animals
    143. Medical preparations
    144. Medicated sunscreen preparations
    145. Medicinal healthcare preparations
    146. Mineral preparations for medical purposes
    147. Cantharides preparations for veterinary use
    148. Pharmaceutical preparations containing stem cells
    149. Blood for medical purposes
    150. Mineral water salts
    151. Bath salts for medical purposes
    152. Oral rehydration salts
    153. Medicated shampoos
    154. Medicated shampoos for pets
    155. Medicated dry shampoos
    156. Impregnated medicated wipes
    157. Solvents for removing adhesive plasters
    158. Liquid bandage sprays
    159. Cord blood for medical purposes
    160. Cord blood
    161. Reagents for use in veterinary genetic testing
    162. Disposable pet diapers
    163. Nucleic acid sequences for medical and veterinary purposes
    164. Skin relief serum [medicated]
    165. Pre-filled syringes for medical purposes
    166. Saline solution for sinus and nasal irrigation
    167. Corn remedies
    168. Radium for medical purposes
    169. Reagents for medical use
    170. Reagents for use in medical genetic testing
    171. Trypsins for medical purposes
    172. Portable first-aid kits
    173. First aid kits for domestic use
    174. First-aid boxes, filled
    175. Castor oil as a coating for pharmaceuticals
    176. Sandalwood oil for medical, pharmaceutical and veterinary purposes
    177. Medicated baby oils
    178. Tobacco-free cigarettes for medical purposes
    179. Sealed radioactive substances for medical use
    180. Antibiotic food supplements for animals
    181. Nutritional supplements for veterinary use
    182. Strengthening supplements containing parapharmaceutical preparations for prophylactic purposes and for convalescents
    183. Feed supplements for veterinary use
    184. Chromatographic supports for medical use
    185. Therapeutic preparations for the bath
    186. Thiomersal for medical purposes
    187. Medicated skin toners
    188. Contraceptive foams
    189. Headache relief sticks
    190. Feeding stimulants for animals
    191. By-products of the processing of cereals for medical purposes
    192. Marine antifoulants
    193. Teat dips for dairy cows
    194. Radioactive substances for medical purposes
    195. Cooling sprays for medical purposes
    196. Veterinary preparations
    197. Petroleum jelly for medical or veterinary purposes
    198. Vaccines for human use
    199. Vaccines
    200. Urease for medical purposes
    201. Milking grease
    202. Skin care oils [medicated]
    203. Menthol vapor bath preparations for babies
    204. Antibiotics for fish
    205. Chemical contraceptives
    206. Salts for mineral water baths
    207. Mineral waters for medical purposes
    208. Thermal water
    209. Sea water for medicinal bathing
    210. Hydrogen peroxide for medical purposes
    211. Bacterial poisons
    212. Bacterial preparations for medical and veterinary use
    213. Mud for baths
    214. Baby bottom balms for medical purposes
    215. Biological indicators for monitoring sterilization processes for medical or veterinary purposes
    216. Biological preparations for medical purposes
    217. Biological preparations for veterinary purposes
    218. Contraceptive sponges
    219. Chemical contraceptive sponges
    220. Animal dips [preparations]
    221. Stem cells for medical purposes
    222. Stem cells for veterinary purposes
    223. Living cells for veterinary use
    224. Cellulose esters for pharmaceutical purposes
    225. Cellulose ethers for pharmaceutical purposes
    226. Chemical preparations for medical purposes
    227. Oxygen cylinders, filled, for medical purposes
    228. Chemical preparations for veterinary purposes
    229. Bone cement for medical purposes
    230. Bone cements for surgical purposes
    231. Cement for animal hooves
    232. Surgical cements
    233. Collagen for medical purposes
    234. Collodion for pharmaceutical purposes
    235. Bone cement for surgical and orthopaedic purposes
    236. Bone cements for orthopaedic purposes
    237. Reconstituted cells for medical treatments for skin care.
  • The mark was filed in class 35 with following description of goods:
    1. Advertising, marketing and promotional services
    2. Business assistance, management and administrative services
    3. Auctioneering services
    4. Subscription to a television channel
    5. Subscription to an information media package
    6. Subscriptions to electronic journals
    7. Subscriptions to telecommunications database services
    8. Wholesale services for pharmaceutical, veterinary and sanitary preparations and medical supplies
    9. Retail services for pharmaceutical, veterinary and sanitary preparations and medical supplies
    10. Retail services relating to food
    11. Rental of sales stands
    12. Retail services in relation to veterinary preparations
    13. Retail services in relation to toiletries
    14. Retail services in relation to dietary supplements
    15. Retail services in relation to physical therapy equipment
    16. Retail services in relation to refrigerating equipment
    17. Retail services in relation to cleaning articles
    18. Retail services in relation to veterinary articles
    19. Retail services in relation to beauty implements for humans
    20. Retail services in relation to hygienic implements for humans
    21. Retail services in relation to medical apparatus
    22. Wholesale services in relation to dietary supplements
    23. Wholesale services in relation to dietetic preparations
    24. Wholesale services in relation to printed matter.